Delphi / Pascal header for OpenGL 4.4

I just updated our OpenGL header translations to the latest 4.4 specs just released by Khronos. So if you’re developing cutting-edge 3D stuff with Delphi or Free Pascal you can now use the latest features available, as long as you’ve got the hardware and your vendor released new drivers (currently only NVIDIA seems to have GL 4.4 drivers out there). This header also fixes some minor bugs that have been reported by some of our community headers. [Read More]

Delphi / Pascal header for OpenGL 4.3

Just a quick heads-up to let you know that I’ve updated our “official” OpenGL-Headers for Delphi / Free Pascal to the recently release version of OpenGL 4.3. So if you’re developing cutting-edge 3D stuff with Delphi or Free Pascal you can now use the latest features available, as long as you’ve got the hardware and your vendor released new drivers (I can’t wait for the first OpenGL 4.3 report to be uploaded to the glCapsViewer database Update : Thanks to end, who has uploaded the first OpenGL 4. [Read More]

glCapsViewer 0.7 released - Proxy support added

Some of you using glCapsViewer to upload reports for the OpenGL hardware database weren’t actually able to do so, especially those that wanted to upload reports from work or other places that needed special proxy settings to connect online. So after several requests I’ve added a new proxy settings window to the glCapsViewer that should allow those folks behind a proxy to also upload their reports. Note that I only updated the windows and linux versions, as an external person has to compile the Mac OS X release (thanks to Apple for not allowing me to compile for their OS from e. [Read More]

glCapsViewer new database features

In addition to a new logo for glCapsViewer, I also worked on the database itself. Aside from fixing a problem with extension counts on the statistics page, making visual and practical changes to e.g. the report pages, I also added some features to the PHP-backed database : Supporting percentage for extensions on the statistics page A new column showing the percentage of reports supporting the given extension was added. [Read More]

glCapsViewer - Mac OS X version

Thanks to the kind help of damadmax (a user from the forums) I can now also offer a Mac OS X version of glCapsViewer, so all you mac users out there can now start submitting your reports. With Mac OS X now also available the most common operating systems are covered, so hopefully the OpenGL capability database will grow into a valuable source for all OpenGL developers out there. [Read More]

glCapsViewer 0.5 + SQL database

I’ve just released version 0.5 of glCapsViewer, and though the tool itself doesn’t seem that much different from 0.4, the real difference is in what’s behind it. Cause I’ve dropped the simple PHP listing (and searching) of uploaded XML files in favour of a real SQL database. This is not only much faster but allows for a lot of new features, and one these first new features (and propably one of the most important) is the possibility to compare (up to eight) reports in a single page. [Read More]

glCapsViewer - OpenGL capability viewer + online database

If you’re creating OpenGL apps (no matter if games, apps or demos) that you want to distribute, you often get error reports from user with the oddest things happening on their systems. Recently I distributed a benchmark for “Phase 2” to some people and after hours of trying to get it working for everybody I noticed that some of the testers had graphics cards that supported shaders (vertex and fragment) but no framebuffer objects, a pretty odd combination. [Read More]

Cel Shading

Some time back I already did two demos on cel-shading, which is an easy to implement technique to give a whole scene a comic-like look. It’s especially good-looking on scenes that aren’t too complex and incoroprate mainly basic primitives. So I decided to put this render mode into the NewtonPlayGround : As you can see when comparing the two shots (Well, in case you didn’t realize it : the left one has cel-shading on, the right one not) cel-shading really gives that scene some unique and interesting touch. [Read More]