Cel Shading

Some time back I already did two demos on cel-shading, which is an easy to implement technique to give a whole scene a comic-like look. It’s especially good-looking on scenes that aren’t too complex and incoroprate mainly basic primitives. So I decided to put this render mode into the NewtonPlayGround : As you can see when comparing the two shots (Well, in case you didn’t realize it : the left one has cel-shading on, the right one not) cel-shading really gives that scene some unique and interesting touch. I also add some over-brigthness when using cel-shading, as it only really looks good with bright and vibrant colors.

But since that isn’t the case for all scenes (like e.g. a scene with a textured terrain and vehicles and so on) I’ll make it toggable. Either with a key-press or as a scene-setting that get’s stored into the saved XML-file and also is then set upon loading a scene. So the creator of the scene has the choice on wether to use cel-shading for his scene or not.

Besides this new addition I also finally got around writting the manual for NewtonPlayGround. I got some chapters done and hopefully the structure I choosed will fit people that don’t know much about the PlayGround and people that exactly know what to look at. But I must admit that it’s really boring writing a somewhat bigger manual (a small readme for some game is written fast, but not a manual for a bigger application).