Delphi / Pascal header for OpenGL 4.3

Just a quick heads-up to let you know that I’ve updated our “official” OpenGL-Headers for Delphi / Free Pascal to the recently release version of OpenGL 4.3. So if you’re developing cutting-edge 3D stuff with Delphi or Free Pascal you can now use the latest features available, as long as you’ve got the hardware and your vendor released new drivers (I can’t wait for the first OpenGL 4.3 report to be uploaded to the glCapsViewer database Update : Thanks to end, who has uploaded the first OpenGL 4.3 report to the database!).

Some of the new features are compute shaders (along with shader buffers to feed them with data and to retrieve it from them), new texture compression formats, and some new vendor extensions (like NV_Path for pathrendering, e.g. scalable fonts).

Since I’m on an ATI (AMD) GPU and only NVidia has released OpenGL 4.3 drivers I wasn’t able to test out the new features. As usual the header should work with windows (32- and 64-bit), Mac OSX (at least in FPC, haven’t tested with XE2) and Linux (naturally FPC only). So if you got the hardware, the driver and want to test one of the new 4.3 features with Delphi / FPC, go ahead and get our new header on the official wiki page.

And if you find any bugs with the new features (or old ones too), please let me know.