glCapsViewer 0.7 released - Proxy support added

Some of you using glCapsViewer to upload reports for the OpenGL hardware database weren’t actually able to do so, especially those that wanted to upload reports from work or other places that needed special proxy settings to connect online. So after several requests I’ve added a new proxy settings window to the glCapsViewer that should allow those folks behind a proxy to also upload their reports.

Note that I only updated the windows and linux versions, as an external person has to compile the Mac OS X release (thanks to Apple for not allowing me to compile for their OS from e.g. windows), so the Mac OS X version will follow soon.

Small update to 0.7a (3.March 2012)

After installing the fresh released consumer preview of Windows 8 along with ATI’s new drivers with OpenGL support, I realized that glCapsViewer would report an empty OS string for Windows 8. So I updated it to 0.7a (Windows version only), so your Windows 8 OpenGL reports will now also report a correct OS string.