PlayStation Move

Don’t worry, this is no advertisement, and no, I don’t get any money or so from Sony for this, but it’s something I wanted to talk about since all this motion gaming stuff seems to be the future (though it’s been here for a long time now, just think of the EyeToy camera for the PS2). But this week (wednesday here in germany) Sony released it’s new Move controller for the PS3 which is based on the PS-Eye camera and which claims to be better than what the competition has to offer. [Read More]

New screenshot gallery : WipeOut HD fury (PlayStation 3)

Right now I’m taking a break from coding and when I get the time I prefer to spend it in front of my shiny PlayStation 3. One of the first games I got for it (I even got me a credit card to be able to buy it on the PSN) was WipeOut HD, a futuristic hover racer. It’s looking gorgeous and I’ve been having a blast playing it. Recently the addon called “Fury” was released, and for just 10€ you get a lot of new content (8 new tracks, 13 new ships, a new campaing, new game modes, new music, and more) and I decided to take some shots with the ingame photo-functionality. [Read More]

Fallout 3

As you may have guessed from the lack of updates since my last post I’m not doing any coding at all for some time now due to various reasons, and I can’t tell when I’ll continue work on “Phase 2” of Projekt “W”. So right now I spend my spare time playing games (I recently bought Dead Space, and I do a lot of racing with GTR Evolution on my Logitech Formula Force EX racing wheel) and right now I’m playing through Fallout 3, which is made by Betheshda, the same guys that did Oblivion. [Read More]

Guild Wars (and a little break)

I already mentioned this a long time ago. I’m an avid Guild Wars player, and right now I’m taking a little programming break and spent most of my online time playing GW. If you’re interested in seeing some screenshots, I’ve created a gallery showcasing some of my Guild Wars moments over here. Note that I haven’t lost interested in coding, it’s just that I need to take a break from it sometimes (it’s not the first break). [Read More]

(OT) What I'm up to

As you can guess by the lack of recent updates since releasing the updated NewtonPlayGround, I’m not working on some game/project at the moment. Mainly that’s due to the release of chapter 3 of Guild Wars (aka “Nightfall”), and since I’ve been a Guild Wars player from the first day on when Prophecies was released I couldn’t resist the third chapter (since chapter 2, “Factions” already was awesome). So I bought myself the collector’s edition back on October 27th, and been playing the game since for about 100 hours (I finished it with my Necro from factions and also almost finished it with a Dervish). [Read More]

NewtonPlayGround again and Dawn of War Addon

So yesterday I finally finished getting motorized and limited joints to work in my NewtonPlayGround. This means that hinges and universals can now not only be motorized but they also can be limited and the motor then will change it’s direction after one of the limits is reached. This is especially interesting for creating complexer walkers which e.g. have a walk cycle. So on a quick test I put together a humanoid walker that almost walks on two legs using those motorized and limited joints. [Read More]