Fallout 3

As you may have guessed from the lack of updates since my last post I’m not doing any coding at all for some time now due to various reasons, and I can’t tell when I’ll continue work on “Phase 2” of Projekt “W”.

So right now I spend my spare time playing games (I recently bought Dead Space, and I do a lot of racing with GTR Evolution on my Logitech Formula Force EX racing wheel) and right now I’m playing through Fallout 3, which is made by Betheshda, the same guys that did Oblivion. But personally I prefer Fallout 3 a lot more than Oblivion, mainly because of the post-apocalyptic setting of the Fallout universe. The game’s world again is huge, you’re free to do what you want (but they changed a lot since Oblivion, so venturing into certain areas with a low level will get you in trouble), the artistic style of the scenario is great (and I bet it’s hard to design a good-looking destroyed environment) and overall gameplay is great too (though there are some minor things that could have been made better). Even the german dubbing is well done (although there are no prominent voices in there like Malcolm McDowell for the US version).

But one thing really annoying is a thing that’s not Betheshda’s fault, the (stupid) german censorhip. You see, I’m 27 and I think I should be able to decide what I want to see, play or listen too. But once again a game that’s labled with a huge red sign telling you that it’s not allowed to be sold or played to/by adult people has been heavily cut (no gore, almost no blood, no dismemberment and so on) and I’m forced to get an uncut patch form the depths of the internet to let me play the game as it’s intented. Actually I thought germany was part of europe, but somehow germany still holds on to it’s utterly stupid and archaic censorship system that even tries to “protect” adult people, that’s just poor in my eyes.

But enough rambling. I made (and still do) screenshots while venturing through the stunning world of Fallout 3 and uploaded them here if you’re interested. You can find the Fallout 3 gallery over here (Hint : all shots are safe to watch at work).