(OT) What I'm up to

As you can guess by the lack of recent updates since releasing the updated NewtonPlayGround, I’m not working on some game/project at the moment.

Mainly that’s due to the release of chapter 3 of Guild Wars (aka “Nightfall”), and since I’ve been a Guild Wars player from the first day on when Prophecies was released I couldn’t resist the third chapter (since chapter 2, “Factions” already was awesome). So I bought myself the collector’s edition back on October 27th, and been playing the game since for about 100 hours (I finished it with my Necro from factions and also almost finished it with a Dervish). Besides the fact that the collector’s edition is including some great stuff (an awesome art-book, soundtrack CD, making-of DVD, two skill-pins, and much more) the game itself is also great, with really great looking environments and loads of gameplay. Even after finishing there is so much to do that I’ll be busy with it for some more weeks, like doing PvP or exploring the whole map and doing competitive missions.

That’s it for now, I just thought that some of you would be interested in what caused the lack of updates and here you have it. But don’t worry, PjW isn’t dead and I plan on continuing work on it next month or so.