"Phase 2" - Satus update July 2012

Well, another month passed by quickly, but I don’t want to let a month pass without a single post, so here is another states update on progress for “Phase 2”, and again with screenshots first (this time in 1920x1200 resolution with 4xAA) : The first shot shows the overhauled intro for “Phase 2”. Redoing the intro has been on my todo-list from the very beginning, as the “intro” for “Phase 1” wasn’t pretty anyway. [Read More]

"Phase 2" - Status update June 2012

With the last post about “Phase 2” now almost two months old it’s time for another status update, and no status update without current screenshots : “Phase 2” is progressing nice. Not at the speed of light, but it’s going forward on a steady pace and now most of the open issues that made it unplayable have been fixed and several new features were also added. So the current build is pretty close to something I can release! [Read More]

Projekt "W" - "Phase 2" - New Screenshots

As usual, time flies by and my last update has been roughly a month ago, but no, I haven’t been lazy, and so here are a few new screenshots from the current development version of “Phase 2” (thumbs, click for larger view) : As you can see, the game is looking more and more finished with each new batch of screenshots. One thing you might notice is that I switched over to a different font compared to the older screenshots / videos. [Read More]

"Phase 2" - Quick status report

Well, the last few months have been pretty rough as hinted at in my last posting for 2011, but slowly things start to settle, and though having a new job means not much time for hobbies anymore (8 hours a day plus driving to and from work won’t leave much sparetime, though working atmosphere is pretty fine) I recently started to continue work on “Phase 2”, and I guess that’s a good sign after all. [Read More]

2011 - Final posting

So here we are again, another year is coming to an end and though 2011 wasn’t a very good year, it’s ending even worse than I could’ve imagined. A recent (14th december) personal loss of a very close relative (don’t ask for details, the internet is not the right place to discuss personal stuff) has caused a drastic change to my personal situation. It’s not that I wasn’t prepared for it, but still this was pretty much unexpected and the timing of this event is alos pretty bad with the year ending and a lot of stuff left to do. [Read More]

Projekt "W" on current c't magazine issue

Upon opening my letterbox (yes, the real one) this morning I found a free copy of the current issue of the german c’t computer magazine. Why I got this one for free? Because it features the last release of Projekt “W” (Phase 1, v1.2). Back in september I got a mail from the editorial staff of the c’t magazine telling me that Projekt “W” (which is listed on their online download portal) made it into the preselection for the next c’t’ software collection to be featured in one of their future issues. [Read More]

"Phase 2" running on Linux (using WINE)

After releasing “Phase 1” (which was actually quite some long time ago) several people were asking for Linux support, but actually I wasn’t keen of having to port the game over to Linux (and I haven’t changed on that since then), so there never was (and never will be) a port for Linux. And as it seems it was also not possible to get the game running using WINE due to the fact that it used GDI+ for doing several imaging related things. [Read More]

The old GUI is history

Yes, you read that right. In a “shocking” turn of events I decided to scrap almost the whole old GUI for “Phase 2” in favour of a new and better one. Most of you might now ask if I went insane or so, but to counter this I’ll elaborate on why I scrapped the old GUI and decided to put a new one in : When I’m not in front of my PC and working on “Phase 2” (that’s actually the only thing I’m doing in front of the PC nowadays, no more gaming or such, spare time is rare for me) I always have pen and paper in close range so I can put down and work on new ideas anytime they hit me. [Read More]

Some words about "Phase 2"

My first posting on “Phase 2” for Projekt “W” in three months does not mean that I haven’t been working on it. Actually although my spare time is very limited (it gets worse and worse almost every month) I still try to squeeze out some spare time each day to do at least minor things related to “Phase 2”. And since event small steps sum up I got several things done towards a first release of “Phase 2” and so I decided to upload some screenshots and talk about what I’ve been doing. [Read More]

New staff / transfer market window and more on staff experience

After a long time without updates on “Phase 2” of Projekt “W” (due to the fact that I just haven’t had time to work on it), I got around doing some work on it in the recent days and** finished the overhaul of the staff / transfer market window**. As mentioned in my recent postings on “Phase 2”, all the windows will be revamped to make them look more like they’re in a game rather than in some kind of office application for windows. [Read More]