Status update on "Phase 2"

After taking a longer break from coding (it’s been almost four months since my last update on “Phase 2”) I returned to coding last week. Followers of my work might already know that I sometimes take longer pauses from development, mostly when either my motivation or my inspiration is gone, and as for this longer break it was connected to both. After implementing the nuke shown on my last update I actually wanted to start full work on the global projects, but without inspiration for what projects to do and how to implement them into the sourcecode I decided to take a break. [Read More]

Progress on "Phase 2", new spy type

With the last update already more than two months old I thought it was time to tell the outside world about the progress on “Phase 2” of Projekt “W”.¬†And although I’m still not able to put as much time into “Phase 2” as I’d like to (and not nearly as much as I was able to do back when working on “Phase 1”) it’s still progressing. Almost all time I could put into working on “Phase 2” since the last update went into the espionage rework and this part of the game is shaping up very well. [Read More]

GUI, GUI-Editor and Espionage (along with some sabotage)

So in the last update from January I promises you some more information on the progress of “Phase 2” for Projekt “W” along with some screenshots, and today I’m gonna keep this promise! Although I’m still not having as much time for coding (and working) on “Phase 2” as I’d like to have I still manged to do a lot of stuff during the last days and weeks towards the road to “Phase 2”. [Read More]

Quick update

Since my last news posting already started to collect dust I thought it would be time for a small update. Sadly I don’t have any screenshots to show or any groundbreaking news, but I can assure that I still work on “Phase 2” of Projekt “W”. Right now I’m** implementing a redesign of the whole espionage and sabotage part** of the game, as the initial draft from “Phase 1” lacks a lot and I want to make espionage (and sabotage) much more important for “Phase 2”. [Read More]

Promised (Media)update

A week too late, but better now than never. So here is the promised update on the progress of “Phase 2”. A lot of stuff has happened (not everything will be visible to the player) so this post will be a bit longer than usual. Let’s start off with the global projects. As already mentioned several times, these are one (if not the) biggest addition to “Phase 2” and will change gameplay a lot. [Read More]

Big performance jump for "Phase 2"

While working on different parts of the source for “Phase 2” I also took a look at the rendering method for the 3D models and decided to totally rewrite those functions. They now (together with other changes) render models sorted by materials, which gives a huge performance improvements (texture changes are very expensive, and rendering sorted by materials removes a lot of them) that will be included with “Phase 2”. [Read More]