Going multi-platform, part 2 : First compile and run

I’ve been working to get the current code of “Phase 2” to compile and work under linux for the whole last weekend (and my eyes kinda hurt, again sitting in front of a monitor ;)). And things went much faster than I expected, so I was able to compile and run the game under linux for the very first time ever! First step was to add code for all things that are specific to an operating system. [Read More]

Going multi-platform, part 1 : The setup

As mentioned in my agenda for 2013 (and in several older posts), I’ve been wanting to release “Phase 2” of Projekt W on more platforms than just windows. Especially in the developer community linux has a big fan base, and the bigger the audience for the game, the better. So shortly after the last post I updated my lazarus installation to the latest one (along with a current FPC compiler) and started to make the code compile with it. [Read More]

Agenda for 2013

And so 2013 is here and it’s a good idea to update you on my agenda for this new year. My primary target for 2013 will be the release of a final “Phase 2” version of Projekt “W”. And with a public beta available that’s pretty close to the final product I’m pretty confident that this will finally happen this year. People seem to be mostly positive about the current public beta release (or at least I haven’t heard any negative comments) and all comments up until now have been pretty nice, something I’ve been missing before the release of a public beta. [Read More]

2012 - Final posting (and a new release)

We’re in the final days of 2012 (and the world didn’t end, who would’ve thought) and continuing my “tradition” this will be the final post of this year including different topics. So first of all I’d like to wish all my friends, relatives and readers a good start into 2013! As for my personal situation, a lot changed in 2012 (if you’ve read last years final posting you might remember) and mostly for the positive. [Read More]

New Projekt "W" - Phase 2 beta release 121

I have updated the “Phase 2” beta to release #121. This is dubbed the “AI update”, as it adds a lot of functionality and tweaks to the (enemy) AI of the game. When releasing the first “Phase 2” beta, it’s AI was pretty much at the same code level as the one for “Phase 1” and it actually didn’t do a lot of the new stuff that the gameplay offered. [Read More]

Updating the AI

Now that the beta is out in the wild (and up until now I haven’t heard any big complaints) it’s time to finally bring the AI in line with all the changes in “Phase 2“. In the last beta, roughly 90% of the AI code was the same as in “Phase 1” and so the current AI isn’t much of a challenge. So I just started rewriting most of the AI code for the next beta, and one of the areas the AI was always lacking (already in “Phase 1”) was building construction. [Read More]

Projekt "W" - First public "Phase 2" Beta

More than five years after the release of “Phase 1”, the first public beta for “Phase 2” goes live! I’ve been working on “Phase 2” almost every single day for the past five years, and a lot of coding, creativ work and though went into this game. And though at some times it looked like I’d never get it done I finally got to a point where the game is in such a good shape that I can release a beta to the public, so everyone being curious can take a look at the game’s current shape and how much it evolved compared to “Phase 1”. [Read More]

Finishing the the first public beta

Believe it or not, but after posting about “Phase 2” for over five years now I’m putting the finishing touches on a soon-to-be-released beta of the game! Actually I already realeased a beta over at a german forum to see how it works with other people’s hardware configurations, but since that version was missing a lot of english translations and was missing some stuff that I wanted to finish off before going public, the “international” release of the first “Phase 2” beta will take a little bit more time. [Read More]

From "Phase 1" to "Phase 2"

From time to time I sit down and play through a game of “Phase 2” after doing some coding on it, just to get a feeling on the game’s progress and user interface. And sometimes I also fire up “Phase 1” to see how much has changed and how much new content has made it’s way into the game. And recently I was curious on what has actually changed behind the scenes, i. [Read More]

"Phase 2" - Jungle warfare

Some live footage from the battleground : Somehow I could hardly resist not to call this post “Welcome to the jungle”, cause that’s exactly what I thought when playing around on the game’s manual battlefield in the “jungle”-setting. I did a lot of postings about the new manual battles for “Phase 2”, and in several of those I mentioned that there is a lot of content that needs to be created for the different settings of the battlefield. [Read More]