2011 - Final posting

So here we are again, another year is coming to an end and though 2011 wasn’t a very good year, it’s ending even worse than I could’ve imagined. A recent (14th december) personal loss of a very close relative (don’t ask for details, the internet is not the right place to discuss personal stuff) has caused a drastic change to my personal situation. It’s not that I wasn’t prepared for it, but still this was pretty much unexpected and the timing of this event is alos pretty bad with the year ending and a lot of stuff left to do.

So with that change of my whole personal situation I also don’t know when I’ll be able to continue work on “Phase 2”. Actually before the above mentioned stuff happened I was on track to releasing a beta-version to the public in january/february on which I wanted to base several releases upon for better feedback, balancing and bug fixing. But now that I’ll have to take care of a lot of important real-life related issues I sadly can’t tell when I’ll be able to continue working on “Phase 2”. But rest assured, I want to finish it, as I’ve put so much work into it over the last few years and also as the current build on my HD is looking pretty good.

Here are two recent (roughly two weeks old) screenshots of the current build : As you can see I changed the main user interface again, but only a bit, as it was necessary due to a new game are for “politics”, and also because the old tabs didn’t stand out enough to make navigation easy enough. So with the recent change (only took a few hours) and the new icons the main UI looks a lot like the main menu and is very easy to navigate with the different icons easy to distinguish. The second shot shows some changes to the visuals of several windows, with the icons for different technology / unit types now colored different, a new functionality of the interacitve iconbox UI element used to navigate those windows.

With this in mind it’s possible that there won’t be any news for january and february, so don’t worry if it’s becoming a bit silent over here.

So that’s it for 2011, a year to forget…