New staff / transfer market window and more on staff experience

After a long time without updates on “Phase 2” of Projekt “W” (due to the fact that I just haven’t had time to work on it), I got around doing some work on it in the recent days and** finished the overhaul of the staff / transfer market window**. As mentioned in my recent postings on “Phase 2”, all the windows will be revamped to make them look more like they’re in a game rather than in some kind of office application for windows. I already redid this window long time ago after “Phase 1”, but that old look didn’t fit into the new paradigm of game-like windows, so after tinkering around with a lot of different ideas on how to redo this window I finally settled with the  idea of making it look like a staff portfolio. It now includes different tabs for the different staff types, the transfer market, player’s staff and staff training (more on this in the next paragraph), instead of the old one where all staff types were visible at once, so the new window is much more structured and easier to use.

And in addition to the visual overhaul, I also made some changes to the experience system for staff members. Already mentioned in one of my older postings, staff in “Phase 2” wil be able to gain experience. Either passive (e.g. scientists researching) or active (e.g. a spy doing a successful infiltration). But new is the fact that instead of just gaining experience, they now have levels. Much like in any RPG staff will now gain experience for several tasks, and once enough experience is accumulated, the staff member will gain a new level. With each new level your staff member will be rewarded better abilities without it’s wages rising. This was the whole point of the experience system, making existing staff members more valuable. So with the addition of levelling, the system now is perfect.

And last but not least you’ll also be able to run training sessions for your employees. Those will cost you a lot of ressources, and your staff members will be locked for the next turn, but it’ll grant them a nice experience bonus.