Projekt "W" - First public "Phase 2" Beta

More than five years after the release of “Phase 1”, the first public beta for “Phase 2” goes live!

I’ve been working on “Phase 2” almost every single day for the past five years, and a lot of coding, creativ work and though went into this game. And though at some times it looked like I’d never get it done I finally got to a point where the game is in such a good shape that I can release a beta to the public, so everyone being curious can take a look at the game’s current shape and how much it evolved compared to “Phase 1”.

But please keep in mind that this is still a beta and far from a final game. There’s still a lot of work for me to do with content missing (graphics, 3D models and especially sounds), features to be implemented and stuff to be fixed, but this beta release should be playable and with the exception of the politics part of the game all the features planned for “Phase 2” are in place and can be used. So you now got manual battles, global projects (including nukes!), a stock market and a much more complex espionage (and sabotage) feature that should add a lot of fun, especially when playing against your friends in hotseat mode!

So if you want to take a look, head over to the project page to download the current beta. And since it’s a beta and you may want to just test out some of the new features, you’ll also find a package of savegames there that allow you to directly hop into the game. The game now also comes with a real manual in the form of HTML, so if you don’t know about the game or want to read up on the new features you can always take a look at the included manual.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, but as said above please don’t forget that it’s a beta. And also keep in mind that this is a freeware game made only by myself, so I don’t have a QA department to test for bugs or crashes.

Also please DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THIS BETA. If you’ve got a page that displays or distributes freeware games, please contact me before you can link to the current beta. I don’t want it to spread beyond my homepage until it leaves the beta state.

And last but not least a slew of new screenshots from this beta release (thumbnails, click to view screenshot) :