New Projekt "W" - Phase 2 beta release 121

I have updated the “Phase 2” beta to release #121.

This is dubbed the “AI update”, as it adds a lot of functionality and tweaks to the (enemy) AI of the game. When releasing the first “Phase 2” beta, it’s AI was pretty much at the same code level as the one for “Phase 1” and it actually didn’t do a lot of the new stuff that the gameplay offered.

So during the last few weeks I’ve been putting a lot of work into the AI. It’ll now do most of the things players can do, should be better at managing it’s regions and there have been some small other fixes to the game.



  • (Regions) Added missing connections from Japan to neirhbouring countries
  • (Regions) Added missing connection from Korean Kuril to United korea
  • (Regions) Added missing connection from State Alliance to Texas
  • (Regions) Added missing connection from New Texas to Texas
  • (Regions) Removed connection from Oldquebec to New Nunavut (no shared border)
  • (Regions) Removed wrong connection from Egypt to Algeria (no shared border)
  • (Regions) Wrong regional loyality display and calculations fixed
  • (Espionage) Captured agents during hostile region infiltration are now removed (as noted in the message box)
  • (Savegame) Creating a new savegame now uses the correct file extension

User interface

  • (Regions) Changed building selection (again). Dropdown for building category now only jumpts to selected category instead of only displaying buildings from selected category
  • (Transfermarket) Several optical and usability changes
  • (Misc) Changed scrollbar appearance for listboxes (no more overlapping, better scrolling visualization)
  • (Misc) Fixed partially wrong button click areas


  • (Buildings) Lowered resource penalty for “Orbital sun sails”, giving it an advantage over a nuclear power plant


  • (Construction) No longer constructs normal buildings on coastal spots
  • (Construction) No longer populates locked coastal spots (regions without coasts)
  • (Construction) Added more randomization to the construction AI (placement, building selection)
  • (Construction) Now constructs new coastal buildings when coastal spots are available
  • (Construction) Now demolishes buildings not needed anymore and regains funds (like human players)
  • (Construction) Added upgrade paths for buildings, so AI will now upgrade existing buildings to better versions
  • (Espionage) Now also hires and manages agents
  • (Espionage) Assigns hired agents to the different infiltration targets (own region, hostile region, data net)
  • (Espionage) Agents infiltrated into own regions fake either division or structure data
  • (Espionage) Agents transition from one data net level to the next one
  • (Epsionage) Agents execute data net espionage and sabotage actions
  • (Military) No longer attacks with one-unit only divisions