2012 - Final posting (and a new release)

We’re in the final days of 2012 (and the world didn’t end, who would’ve thought) and continuing my “tradition” this will be the final post of this year including different topics. So first of all I’d like to wish all my friends, relatives and readers a good start into 2013!

As for my personal situation, a lot changed in 2012 (if you’ve read last years final posting you might remember) and mostly for the positive. As of may 2012 I’m working as a fulltime Delphi Developer right around the corner (if I’m not too lazy I even hop on my bike to get there) and I’m having a real blast working over there. The working atmosphere is great, I get along very well with my co-workers, and getting paid for coding stuff in Delphi is pretty awesome too.

So as far as work goes I’m very happy right now, and contrary to what I expected first, coding all day long at work (mostly, I do other stuff there too) didn’t destroy my motivation to code at home at all. Actually it’s the complete opposite, cause I’m much more focused during coding at home due to the practices at work and a (finally) ordered real life.

So instead of bothering you with my highs and lows of this year, I decided to finish off this year with a new release of “Phase 2 (Revision #125).

This revision includes a new feature that allows you to start manual battles directly from the game’s main menu with the possiblity to complelty customize it. You can select the setting, the nations and the units for each nation. To make this feature even more interesting I also added half a dozen new maps for the manual battles.

You can grab the current release on the game’s offical page.

Update (26th December) : I noticed that the last video showing Projekt W in motion is from november 2011 and since back then a lot of things changed and have been added, I decided to cut together a new video showing scenes from the current beta. So here you go :