Delphi OpenGL header translation

About As the OpenGL headers shipping with Delphi are often outdated and thus lacking many recent OpenGL functions and extensions, we, over at the german Delphi OpenGL community, decided to publish our own header translations. Since around 2002 these headers have been updated with new OpenGL specifications on a regular basis. As of 2009 I’m the only remaining maintainer of these headers, and even though I no longer use Delphi for private Development, I still try to keep them up-to-date. [Read More]

Explosion Texture Generator

About The Explosion Texture Generator (short ExploTexGen, to keep it in line with my Terrain Texture Generator TerrTexGen) is a tool to create a 2D texture of an animated explosion. Many games do explosions that way, by having them prerendered into a texture (in a grid with each grid cell containing a single animationf rame) and then just putting them onto a texture. This is a well known technique and has been used for many years now and is still used in many games. [Read More]

Projekt "W"

About Projekt „W“ (the „W“ stands for „Weltherrscher“ which is german for „World ruler“) is my current project and up until now also my most ambitious and complex project. First ideas for this game came up in 2003 and I quickly put together a first prototype. But I didn’t really like the game design back then as I felt it was too bloated and boring, so I did put the project to rest. [Read More]

ZornGL Engine

About I developed the ZornGL-Engine for my final school grade, where I had 6 months to finish it (starting october 2001) and to present it there I also made a small multiplayer game called “Ancient Rites” with this engine. After finishing this for school, I additionally worked on it several months to make it into an engine for a RPG. But as the engine was one of my first OpenGL apps, it had many problems that had gotten even worse in the end so I decided to totally stop that project. [Read More]


About Jagdgeschwader was my entry for the 2005 “Dogfight”-Competition that was organized by the guys over at PGD (Pascal Game Developement). As the theme insists the entry should be about a fierce fight between two contrahents and that’s exactly what I did. I stayed (although it was no must) very close to the theme and created a game where two players fight each other in WW2-aircrafts to the death. The contest went for 2 and a half months and much of that time went into my entry. [Read More]


About The NewtonPlayGround is a tool to show off the features of the Newton Game Dynamics Engine, a physics engine for real-time applications without having to actually write any code yourself. It let’s you create fully physics backed-up worlds where all objects interact with each other and also let’s the user interact with these objects. It also allows for saving those scenes to XML so that they can be given away to other users of the PlayGround or be used in your own projects. [Read More]

Bean Machine

About After I already transported a videogame classic into a modern 3D environment (“Napalm Bomber 3D”) I decided to do the same thing to another of my 16-Bit favorites. The advantage of creating a clone is at hand : You don’t have to design a new game from scratch and you can jump right into developement. So this time I took Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (in asia also known as Puyo Puyo) that has been released by Sega on their MegaDrive (Genesis) in 1994. [Read More]

Terrorcide - TNSoD

About As a fan of old Shoot-em’Up classics like R-Type and Salamander you often have no other choice than firing up an emulator and to play those gems there, but with their old 2D-graphics. And with Terrorcide (“The Nuclear Sword of Damocles”) I wanted to recreate the feeling of such games for the PC, together with modern graphics, effects and a story-based gameplay (the classics usually don’t have had real stories). [Read More]

Unknown Constellation (Open)GL

About I initially started programming “Unknown Constellation” in early 2001 as the “sequel” to Sidus Obscurus. This time, the gameplay should have been much more strategic, as seen in games like Master of Orion or Ascendancy and it should have better visuals. But then I made a big mistake and started coding it using DirectDraw, and after running into some display problems and serious speed problems due to the fact that DirectDraw today is almost unaccelerated, I stopped the whole project. [Read More]

Napalm Bomber 3D

About Napalm Bomber 3D is a remake of Hudson Soft’s classic Bomberman(tm), but with enhanched 3D-graphics using OpenGL. The project started out as a base for a series of tutorials, the I released for the Delphi-OpenGL-Community. But over the time, I added new features and expanded the game, so that it became a full fledged, good looking and fun to play game. The version that I finally released as freewaere includes a lot of different levels on different scenarios, renders realistic shadows, animated player models and nice looking explosions. [Read More]