ZornGL Engine


I developed the ZornGL-Engine for my final school grade, where I had 6 months to finish it (starting october 2001) and to present it there I also made a small multiplayer game called “Ancient Rites” with this engine.

After finishing this for school, I additionally worked on it several months to make it into an engine for a RPG. But as the engine was one of my first OpenGL apps, it had many problems that had gotten even worse in the end so I decided to totally stop that project. It was developed in Delphi 6 used OpenGL for the graphics and a self-written network code (TCP/IP) for multiplayer. It also came with an own mapeditor that later on also had a partly-working lightmapper included.


Custom OpenGL 3D engine Written in Delphi, with basic custom physics and collisiond detection and Win32 TCP/IP networking.


  • OpenGL support
  • Huge indoor and outdoor areas
  • Static lightmaps
  • Import and use of 3DS-Models
  • Import and use of MD3-Models (including animation)
  • Triangle correct collisions
  • Frustum culling
  • Terrainengine (based on heightmaps)
  • Dynamic weathereffects (Snow, rain and more)
  • Projected stencil shadows
  • Flexible particle systems
  • Dynamic texture and model-management
  • Dynamic memory management
  • Modular
  • Object oriented design
  • Multiplayer support using TCP/IP (Client-Server)
  • 3D-Sound (+EAX)
  • Several own tools (mapeditor and more)


These are screenshots fromthe RPG I started working on after finishing this project for school.