Bean Machine


After I already transported a videogame classic into a modern 3D environment (“Napalm Bomber 3D”) I decided to do the same thing to another of my 16-Bit favorites. The advantage of creating a clone is at hand : You don’t have to design a new game from scratch and you can jump right into developement. So this time I took Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (in asia also known as Puyo Puyo) that has been released by Sega on their MegaDrive (Genesis) in 1994. Gameplay roughly resembles tetris, but this time your task is to combine beans (with different colors) in a manner that they are connected to at least three beans of the same color. They then disappear and you get points for that combo. But the best about the original was the two-player mode, where one player “earns” a black bean that can totally spoil his strategy when the other player has such a combo. And this two-player mode will also be a crucial part of my remake.


Written in Delphi with a custom OpenGL renderer.



Win32 Installer for Bean Machine 1.0 (9.5 MBytes)

New in this version

  • Story Mode (Singleplayer)
  • Enhanched combos
  • New scenario “Industry”
  • New scenario “Red Planet”
  • Scenario “Egypt” overworked
  • Scenario “Colosseum” overworked
  • Separate hiscore list for the story mode
  • Particle effects for bean combos
  • Loading screen with status indication
  • More detailed log output (beanmachine.html)
  • New key to instantly drop the current bean pair


  • Fixed a bug where the playground of the second player wasn’t displayed correct. That bug also was a performance hit that has been eliminated.
  • Wrong gameover-condition if beans were still falling has been eliminated.
  • “Umlaute” now are displayed correct.