Explosion Texture Generator


The Explosion Texture Generator (short ExploTexGen, to keep it in line with my Terrain Texture Generator TerrTexGen) is a tool to create a 2D texture of an animated explosion. Many games do explosions that way, by having them prerendered into a texture (in a grid with each grid cell containing a single animationf rame) and then just putting them onto a texture. This is a well known technique and has been used for many years now and is still used in many games. And although there are several tools for creating animated explosion textures available for free, all of those I tried were lacking flexibilitay and mostly one thing I was in need off, namely exporting the animation into a fileformat containing an alpha channel, so you can creating explosions without using additive blending.


  • Create countless different explosions. Each explosion is randomized and all important parameters can be changed
  • Exports to PNG complete with an alpha channel. No more black backgrounds and additive blending for your explosions anymore. The result texture inlcudes a full alpha channel
  • Different texture sizes (from 256x256 up to 4096x4096, depending on wether your graphics card can manage that)
  • Different grid sizes for setting the number of animation frames on a texture (4x4, 8x8, 16x16)
  • Use your own particle textures. Either use the included ones I made from scratch or create your own particle textures and use them
  • Change the parameters. All parameters used to calculate the explosion animation can be changed to make each animation unique
  • Watch your explosion within the application. After generating a texture, it’s shown in realtime together with a preview of the animation

New in version 1.1

  • Select between explosions and fireballs. Fireballs are loopable animations that can used for projectiles.
  • Flip the render order. Use this if you want to use the texture in blender (e.g. for the game engine).
  • Store (and restore) different profiles. Using the file menu you can now export and import your current settings.



Explosion Texture Generator 1.1