OpenGL hardware database overhaul

After reworking the OpenGL ES hardware database some time ago (which was in dire need of an update to be usable again) I have also released a substantial update to the OpenGL hardware database.

Server-side processing

Biggest change is the use of server-side processing (as with the Vulkan and OpenGL ES databases), so gone are the days where each request to the report listing page would fetch all reports at once, and had the client do the heavy lifting, resulting in a long delay before any filtering or sorting could be done. With server-side processing only the actually visible (and requested) data is delivered to the client with the database doing all the heavy listing. This results in an almost instant page load for the report listing page and adds better search and filter functionality.

Updated visuals

I also reworked the visuals so the style of all listings, reports, etc. is now in line with the other databases with a more modern look.

Capability detail pages

A new feature is the capability detail page with stats on the different values of a given capability and it’s distribution, see e.g. GL_MAX_COMPUTE_SHADER_STORAGE_BLOCKS.

Renamed URLs

The old urls always contained a “gl_” prefix, due to the fact that the OpenGL ES and OpenGL databases initially ran from the same domain and folder on the server. As such I have changed all urls, removing the “gl_” prefix and getting more in line with the Vulkan database. So please update your bookmarks.

Note: The old urls will still be available for some time before I’ll change the server rules to rewrite them to the new ones.