Delphi/Pascal OpenGL Header now supports OpenGL 4.5

With OpenGL 4.5 being released (and NVidia already having drivers out in the wild) I’ve updated our Delphi/Pascal OpenGL Header translation to the latest OpenGL version.

You can always grab the most recent header translation from the bitbucket repository, where you’ll also find updates aside from the major OpenGL releases.

If you’re missing anything from the headers, like a vendor specific extension missing, or want to give feedback just drop me a line. I’d also be interested in feedback from developers that own OpenGL 4.5 compatible hardware, as my ATI Radeon HD6850 doesn’t support OpenGL 4.5 (yet, at least I hope so ;) ).

And btw. : The OpenGL hardware database was mentioned (again) in the OpenGL BOF presentation at this years SIGGRAPH, so please keep contributing your OpenGL reports so all OpenGL devs out there can make good use of it.