OpenGL hardware capability viewer


The “OpenGL hardware capability viewer” (short “glCapsViewer) a multi-platform client-side application that reads out all important hardware capabilities of the current OpenGL-implementation present on your system (currently up to OpenGL 4.5), that can then be uploaded to a public database, serving as a tool for OpenGL developers.

The early versions of this tool were developed using Delphi / Free Pascal, but the project has since then been redone in C++ is available for multiple platforms.


Along with the client-side application, there is also an online database containing all OpenGL hardware reports uploaded by users of this application.

The database itself allows for advanced searches (extensions, compressed texture formats, capabilities), and can compare different device reports, so you can e.g. check what has changed between two driver versions or how two graphics cards differ in terms of their OpenGL implementation.

You can access the database via


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Current version

The latest binaries for Windows and Linux can be found at

Source code

The sources for project are open source and hosted at github. Recent versions of the glCapsViewer are built using C++ and the Qt framework for the cross-platform UI.