Three new newton demos with source

While answering some questions concerning physics implementation to the man behind Tower22 (a survival-horror game under development with Delphi) I created a few new newton demos demonstrating several different things you might need in a game, demo 07 shows how to implement simple explosions (though for a real game you’d need to add some stuff like raycasting etc.), demo 08 shows how to use the contact process callback to play sounds depending on the impact of a collision (can be used to spawn particles, do damage calculations, etc. too) and demo 09 shows how to correctly move static bodies so they react with normal rigid bodies (think of an elevator e.g. that’s activated when a player presses a button, or objects only moved by internal game scripts/animations).

As usual with the newton (sdl) demos they all come with full source and detailed comments. If one of the demo contains something you could use in your game/demo/etc. then you can grab them over here.