"Phase 2" - Eyecandy

Don’t worry, I’ve been doing some gameplay related stuff too (including a revamp of global project functionality, coastal building spots for regions), but somehow I had the urge to spice up the game’s main view a bit and decided to implement a nice atmosphere for the globe. Something I wanted to do for a long time but somehow never got around. Another thing you can see in the video below is the new water shaders. Actually I never liked the one in “Phase 1” as the water looks kinda unrealistic and lacked a proper nice specular highlighting. The new water shader looks a lot prettier though I still need to fix some parameters and make the light reflection move with moon/sun positions. What’s also different is the way the day/night transition works now. Up until now it was realistic moving along the globe, but that was somehow totally opposite to the day/night transition of the background, so to bring it in line the transition is now in effect for the whole globe.

So here it is, fresh from my HD. If possible please click the video and watch it over at youtube in 720p HD :

Info on the recent gameplay changes/additions will follow soon.