Newton's new Vehicle Container

It has long been promised and finally it’s gonna happen : Newton’s overhauled vehicle container is on the way. And luckily I’m an SDK developer, so I already have access to the new beta SDK and implemented it directly into my current build of the NewtonPlayGround. And with one word : awesome. The container prior to 1.35 was not only inflexible but also very hard to configure. Creating vehicles with a stiff suspension was almost impossible and getting a vehicle to react the way you wanted it to react often took hours of testing and tweaking. But gone are those days! The new vehicle container even allows for vehicles with a totally stiff suspension (like a kart or a Forumla1 car) and also fixes some bugs the old container had. One of those bugs stopped me from creating a truck with an attached trailer (back in the 1.32-days, the trailer hopped around randomly due to this bug), but this now works in the current 1.35 beta!

And to show you how the new vehicle container looks in action, I have created a small video in my NewtonPlayGround. Go and grab it here, it’s around 4 MBytes big and is compressed using WMV (so if you have a newer MediaPlayer installed, it should play).