OpenGL header translation for Delphi/Free Pascal
    The OpenGL headers included with Delphi are pretty much incomplete, partially faulty and lack support for current OpenGL versions and extensions. Therefore we (over at the german Delphi OpenGL Community) decided to set up a team to create and maintain an up-to-date header for Delphi/Free Pascal so all Delphi/Pascal coders out there can use all recent OpenGL extensions and features. So if you want to do OpenGL with Delphi/Free Pascal I strongly suggest you grab our header. 

    It’s available on this page of our OpenGL wiki (german version of the page).

OpenGL hardware capability database
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    If you’re creating OpenGL applications, demos or games it’s often hard to find the right minimum specs or find out why your users have problems with your applications. In order to make life easier for OpenGL developers I decided to create an online database with the OpenGL hardware capabilities of all the differen graphics cards out there. Together with a simple tool that allows you to upload your hardware information into that public database this should be a valuable resource for all OpenGL developers out there.
(Old) demos and tutorials
    This section contains my (mostly older) OpenGL demos and tutorials that may help you getting started on different topics, some of the demos also come with sourcecode to show off differen techniques and their usage. Note that due to their age some of the demos may not work on current hardware anymore (e.g. the truform demos). 

  • OpenGL demos
    Various demos for this 3D graphics API. Ranging from very basic stuff over some exotic things (like Truform) over to more advanced demos using shaders. Many of them also include full sources
  • OpenGL tutorials
    Over the years I’ve written a lot of tutorials that mostly center around OpenGl. Some of them are very old but still contain information that can be usefull for beginners.

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