Dungeon Crawler

About the Dungeon Crawler Prototype
    Back in 2010 I released an article on random dungeon generation and wrote a small prototype along with it. But only recently I got the time and motivation to finish this demo up and release it alongside with source code, so anyone interested can take a look at the source and make something out of it. Though I have several ideas for something related to a dungeon crawler I don’t think I’ll get to implement one of these in the near future, so I hope this demo along with the complete source (including the random dungeon generator) will be of use for some of you out there. 

    This demo uses the random dungeon generation algorithm discussed in my articel and implements a 3D dungeon with OpenGL, using shaders for per-pixel-lighting, and collision detection via Newton’s character controller. So this demo actually combines 3 different techniques in one.

    The source was compiled and tested with Lazarus and Delphi XE2, but it should work fine with other versions of Lazarus and Delphi too. Note that the demo currently only runs under windows, but changing it to Linux or Mac OS should only be changing the way how the rendering context is created and handled.

    And if you do something interesting based on my demo / code, it would be great to hear about your projects.



Version history
    Version 1.0
    – Initial release