Hellraiser Screensaver


This was first meant to be a tutorial on how to render reflections using the stencil buffer. But as this matter was to small to fill a whole tutorial, and I at the same time discovered the rotating hellraiser(tm) cube on the NeHe-Page (http://nehe.gamedev.net), I decided to make a screensaver with the hellraiser theme and the spinning cube as the main actor to test some techniques and to learn a bit more about OpenGL.
In the end this turned out as a nice screensaver for people that like the series of horor movies based on Clive Barker’s novel. Once running it’ll render the rotating hellcube on top of a reflective surface and randomly from tim to time the cube will become “active” and shake and you’ll hear random samples from the movies.

Features :
Graphics with OpenGL :
– Displaylists
– Stencil buffer for reflections
– Environment Mapping
– Spotlights

Soundoutput with BASS :
– Loading wavefiles
– Using EAX

Note :
The screensaver and the sourcecode are both freeware and may be distributed freely. You must not charge any money, not for the sourcecode and not for the screensaver itself.
The used graphics and sounds weren’t made by me, I took them from http://www.cenobite.com and they’re only included in the download of the binaries.The sourcecode comes without them.
Hellraiser is copyrighted by Miramax



Download of the executable screensaver :
[download#12#image] Download of the source code for the screensaver (Delphi) :