Newton demos and applications

Here you’ll find the demos and applications I wrote in order to demonstrate the features of the Newton Game Dynamics engine.

Newton Tracked Tank 2008 (proof-of-concept)


The follow up to a 2006 demo I created using newton (which wasn’t working very good back then, now it is). This demo simulates a tank using a realistic method, applying acceleration within the material callback for the tracks. Each contact generated is rotated to point in the moving direction and then an acceleration is applied along the contact’s tangent. This is not only realistic, but also much faster than the most fake “solutions” to simulate a tank (like using a vehicle container with a dozen wheels or so). This method also allows for separate analog control of the tracks when using e.g. a gamepad with two analog sticks. This lets you move the tank around like a real tank (in most games you aren’t able to control the tracks separate), the turret can also be rotated freely around.
But note that this is a proof-of-concept to show that this technique is working, there are several things that can make it even better, which may be implemented in a newer version. If you want to know how I implemented this, head over to this thread on the newton forums.

Download demo

Newton Playground


Up until now my most ambitious and feature-rich physics project. The Newtonplayground is an open “playground” that can be used to try out all of the features the Newton Game Dynamics Engine, a physics engine for realtime applications, offers. You can make some simple scenes but also create huge and complex objects that you can then interact act with in a physically correctly simulated environment. Starting with the simplest primitives over to complex user-made meshes, motorized joints and dampers and springs, almost everything is possible with this application.

Download Newton Playground 1.53

Newton’s Cradle

Newton Cradle

Most people should know this famous office-gimmick thinggy. This is my implementation of it and it uses the NGD to simulate it. Drag one (or more) ball(s) back and let it go and most of the energy you put in will be transferred between the other balls onto to same number of balls on the other side, so that if you swing the ball hard enough you can watch it in action for some longer time. Also note that most other physics engines would fail on this one, as NGD is the only realtime physics-engine whose solver can solve such cases. Please refer to the readme.txt for instructions on how to use this demo.
Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2

Download demo

Newton Vehicle Racing Demo

Newton Vehicle Demo

Here you can see the new vehicle container of Newton Game Dynamics in action. It’s an easy to use container that allows you to build vehicles with as many wheels as you want. In this demo, you can race your car around a huge racetrack, and one the sides of the racetrack you can find over 120 dynamic objects to interact with and even a looping and a jump. There is also an icy sea to show you different material behaviour of NGD. The car itself uses a gearbox (that’s not done via newton) and you can choose between front and backdrive and 4WD.

Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2 | Screenshot 3

Download demo


  1. Love the newton playground. I have used Havok’s Reactor in Max for awhile now and Newton will allow similar results within Delphi! Great Stuff.

  2. I try to run Newton Playground but I get this:

    NewtonPlayGround 1.51
    Build 10_02_06

    Scene information :
    Filename = noname
    Number of primitives = 0

    What do I do?

      1. Lolz how could someones graphics card not be compatible is not very graphics intensive anyway newton playgrounds is tons of fun

  3. Any plans to upgrade the Playground to Newton 2.0? I guess it will only be done when 2.0 is no longer a beta.

    I use the playground to fine tune all my material and object properties and want the playground sdk version to match my games sdk version.

    This is a great tool! I’ll happily stick with 1.53 in my game project as long as the playground does 🙂

    1. I’m not using Linux at all, and when I made a call to all linux guys out there and asked if I should port the playground to linux, not a single person responded. So no, there won’t be any binaries for linux at all.

  4. Ok Sascha Willems

    Your games are FANTASTIC but Wath with all us Mac users please make a Mac version(Crossover dosen’t support this)

  5. I am a 13 year and I have been looking for something like this for 2 years, I just want to thank whoever made this.

  6. i have windows 7, and when i run the playground the blue screen of death came up!
    i have a i7 920 and a GTX 295 for vid and a GTS 250 physX with 6 gig of ram.
    is there anything im doing wrong. i have tryed 1.51 and 1.53 and both did not work.

    plz help me!

    1. Please specify what the BSOD was about. Did it point to your graphics card drivers? And actually I haven’t tested the playground with Windows 7, but on my system (Vista x64) it’s running fine (although ATI).

      1. The BSOD went by to fast to read. also cant find logs.
        if u have any ideas plz let me know.
        I’m going to try more things to get it to work.
        if u get a solution plz let me know!


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