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Projekt “W” – “Phase 2” is the successor to the original Projekt “W” released back in 2007. It includes lots of new features, additional content, more varied gameplay and adds a lot of strategic depth to the gameplay.The game is a turn-based strategy game where you lead one of the five remaining nation to complete world domination by wiping out all other nations. The turn-based nature of the game allows the player to plan carefully and gives it a deep strategic depth. Graphics are state-of-the art and rendered with OpenGL utilizing shaders for some nice visuals.

As of late october 2012 the first public beta has been released, and futher, more-or-less regular beta releases are planned in order to iron out the last remaining bugs and to tweak the game’s balancing.

Projekt W - Phase 2 Projekt W - Phase 2


You can see the current changelog here.

Additional files :

  • Premade savegames (Rev #107-#170)
    These are premade savegames that you can use if you just want to take a quick look at the game. Extract these into the game’s directory that’ll be created after the first start under your current user’s personal directory (e.g. “x:\Users\USER\Documents\ProjektW_Phase2\saves”). These are savegames to quickly jump into the game and test the new features without having to start from scratch.

The list below contains the new features and additions to “Phase 2”. Note that it only contains major changes.

  • Global projects
    A feature that was planned from the beginning, but didn’t make the cut. Global projects can be huge game changers, though they also take a lot of resources to finish them. Included are offensive projects like nukes as well as defensive ones that’ll e.g. boost your military strength or economic powers.
  • Turn-based hexagonal battles
    In addition to having battles for a region simulated you’ll also be able to battle it out by yourself in several different settings and maps. Turn-based hexagonal battles in the spirit of the old Panzer General games will add a new layer of strategy to the game.
  • Redone and extended espionage- and sabotage system
    These two parts of the gameplay will have much more functionality and therefore impact on the gameplay than they had in the initial game. There are different agent types along with dozens of actions for them to sabotage or spy upon your enemy. A complete new area will be the data net, where you can gather important information on enemy nations as well as do severe sabotage to your enemies.
  • New user interface
    The old user interface was clunky in places and made for 4:3 displays. “Phase 2” has a complete new user interface, from the main menu to the game itself and over to the endgame screens. The new UI has a much better workflow, looks nicer and is designed for all screen resolutions, though a widescreen resolution is recommended.
  • Stock market
    Trade stocks of the biggest global corporations in order to make or loose a fortune.
  • Extended staff system
    Staffers now have even more skills and there is also a levelling system in place, allowing you to level up your staffers, either via their normal duties or by organizing staff trainings.
  • New technologies to research and endless research
    The technology tree has been extended with several new technologies (which also unlock several new military units) and there is now also endless research implemented, allowing you to continue research, even after have completed the technology tree.
  • New military units
    Fresh and advanced military units like hover tanks and stealth bombers add even more variety to the battlefield.
  • Coastal building spots
    Regions with a coast now have additional building spots for their coastal region, allowing you to place special buildings like harbours or offshore wind power generators there, giving them a strategical advantage.
  • New game modes and modificators
    To spice up the gameplay you can select from different new game modes and also select modificators that affect gameplay. You can e.g. select a game mode that has you construct a bunker in a given amount of turns while adding a modificator that gives random boosts or penalties upon the beginning of a new turn.
  • Changed balancing
    The initial game had several balancing problems, and most of them should be history with the release of “Phase 2”, though a public beta for even better balancing is planned.
  • Many minor changes, fixed and addtions
    In addition to the major changes listed above there are dozens of small new additions that result in a much smoother gameplay experience.
  • Multi-Platform support
    The game now supports more than just windows operating systems. There’s a native linux version available too, with MacOSX (maybe) coming sometime in the future.
Media – Screenshots (Work-in-Progress)

Latest Open Beta (April 2013) :

Beta release october 2012 :

August 2012 :

June 2012 :

May 2012 :

Media – Videos (Work-in-Progress)

Current open beta (june 2013) :

Beta system requirements

Note that the game is still in development, so hardware requirements for running the game may change. But currently the following system is required to run the game :

  • CPU : A single core CPU with 2 Ghz should be sufficent
  • Memory : 512 MBytes
  • Graphics : “Phase 2” needs a GPU with at least OpenGL 2.0 support (shaders, framebuffer objects and S3TC-texturecompression are required) and 256 MBytes of VRAM
  • Supported operating systems :
    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, all either 32- or 64-Bit (Winodws 2000 may work too)
    Linux (native for i386, 64-Bit needs multilib)
  • Sound : Not required
  • HDD : At least 250 MBytes


  1. Guten Tag Herr Willems,

    die Scrennshots sehen ja vielversprechend aus.
    Ich bin vor kurzem auf Projekt W1 gestoßen
    und spiele es mit großem Vergnügen!

    Was langfristig super wäre, wäre ein LAN Modus.
    Hotseat hat den Nachteil, dass der menschliche Mitspieler
    ja mitbekommt, was man macht und plant – das nimmt eine wichtige Spielkomponente heraus.

    Beste Grüße,

  2. Help! Game doesn’t start at all! I get error “Exeption EAccess Violation in Modul ProjektWeltherrscher.exe bei 0020F003
    Zurigriffservletzung bei Adresse 00210003. Shreiben von Adresse 02483F74”
    I don’t understand german…

    1. I installed last graphics card drivers – but that doesnt help at all – I have:
      AMD Radeon ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series

    2. Can you please send the log file of the game (in your user directory\ProjektW_Phase2\log.html) to webmaster @ That could help me locate the problem, as the game should actually show you an english error message box instead of an access violation.

  3. Hallo,

    mir ist aufgefallen,
    dass das Spiel mitunter crasht,
    wenn ich versuche, dem Gegner Cr zu klauen.
    Ich schau mal, ob ich die Logfiles finde
    und schicke sie dann.

    Ansonsten spielt sich das neue Projekt W prima!
    Auch den Kampfsim hab ich schon getestet.
    Mir erschließt sich nur nicht, warum Panzer die gleiche Reichweite haben,
    wie Soldaten…


    1. Freut mich zu hören dass das Spiel gefällt 🙂

      Den Absturz beim Klauen der Credits über einen Regionsspion kann ich hier nachvollziehen, brauch also keine Logfiles oder Savegames. Wird dann für das nächste Releae gefixt.

      Und in Sachen Schlachtfeld muss ich noch jede Menge am Balancing schrauben. Dazu gehört auch die Reichweite der einzelnen Einheiten. Macht wirklich keinen Sinn dass ein Panzer genauso weit schiessen kann wie ein normaler Fußsoldat. Das werd ich also für ein zukünftiges Release anpassen.

      1. Noch etwas zum Thema Schlachtfeld.
        Es ist suboptimal, dass der Bomber die Flak nicht ausschalten kann.
        In jeder normalen Schalcht wäre dies das erste,
        was die Luftstreitkräfte tun würden, um Schaden abzuwenden.

  4. Hi there ! When I try to lunch the game I get error “Exeption EAccess Violation in Modul ProjektWeltherrscher.exe bei 0020F00B
    Zurigriffservletzung bei Adresse 0021000B. Shreiben von Adresse E06B401B″
    Do you guys know about some fix ?
    Thanks a lot..viele Grüße aus Tschechien 🙂

    1. Is this exception raised before you get into the main menu? If yes, could you please send me the log file of the game? It’s located in your user directory under “ProjektW_Phase\log.html”. This log includes some valuable information that can help me locate the problem.

      Und viele Grüße zurück nach Tschechien 🙂

  5. The Game crashes during game play.

    OS is Windows 7 64-bit
    Games loaded into user area.

    The end of log.html shows the following:

    8:12:16 PM – Game started in 17 seconds
    8:13:12 PM – TGlobe->UpDateRegionMap->54.8172629887561ms
    8:13:18 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “socket.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:18 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “unit_infantry_light_nation4.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:20 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “unit_tank_medium_nation4.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:24 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “unit_infantry_heavy_nation4.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:28 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “unit_tank_mobartillery_nation4.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:30 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “unit_tank_antiair_nation4.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:42 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_empty.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:42 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_empty_coastal.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:46 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_powerplant.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:46 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_nuclearplant.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:46 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_windwheel.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:46 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_solarfield.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:50 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_bunker.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:52 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_construct.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:13:55 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_airdefense.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:14:03 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_containerport.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:14:16 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_tidalpowerplant.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:14:27 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_combinedsciencecomplex.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:16:17 PM – TGlobe->UpDateRegionMap->62.7322952518255ms
    8:17:52 PM – TGlobe->UpDateRegionMap->55.1644337391596ms
    8:18:32 PM – TGlobe->UpDateRegionMap->56.7167171165165ms
    8:20:11 PM – TGlobe->UpDateRegionMap->51.2180547224055ms
    8:20:25 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_geneinstitute.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:21:11 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_megafactory.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:21:13 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_factorycomplex.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:21:47 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_agrarcomplex.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:21:53 PM – TGame->Draw3DModel->Model “building_hydrofarm.3df” loaded on demand from VFS
    8:22:24 PM – TGlobe->UpDateRegionMap->53.962009381291ms
    8:22:47 PM – TGlobe->UpDateRegionMap->55.7201373628695ms
    8:23:43 PM – TBattle->AIMoveUnit->Could not find target unit!
    8:23:43 PM – TBattle->AIMoveUnit->Could not find target unit!
    8:23:43 PM – TBattle->AIMoveUnit->Could not find target unit!
    8:23:43 PM – TBattle->AIMoveUnit->Could not find target unit!
    8:23:43 PM – An access violation occured during run-time :
    8:23:43 PM – Projekt “W”
    8:23:43 PM – Version Projekt “W” – Phase 2 (open beta build february 2013)
    8:23:43 PM – OS is Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Version 6.1, Build 7601, 64-Bit-Edition)
    8:23:43 PM –
    8:23:43 PM – Description of the occured exception :

    1. Well, that actually shouldn’t happen. It looks like the exception happened while on the battle field. Did you simulate or play the battle yourself? And could you please send me the complete log file (if it still exists), as it contains your system specs and hopefully detailled information on the occured exception that led to the crash.

  6. Dear Sascha

    Sorry about the delay. Work.
    What is your email ?, or would you prefer everything goes through the web page?

    I have quite an issue with it crashing. I can only play for about 10-20 minutes then it will crash. I have had it crash in the 3D battle and while using the main interface. No real pattern that I have noticed.
    The Old version of the game works fine.
    I can play another on anytime.

    Other Games seem to be fine.

    PC spec’s:
    Windows 7 utlimate 64 bit, SP1
    Processor Intel(R) core2 Quad COU, Q8400 @ 2.66GHZ
    3GB on Memory
    Video card is: AMD RAdeon HD 6700 Servies, 1GB of video memory, I have installed latest drivers from AMD, no change. From the Catalyst contyrol centre:
    2D driver
    DirectX 3D driver
    Harddisk: about 55% full on 465GB

    Last Crash file – complete ( I used the auto battle to take a territory and it crashed)
    (from C:\Users\Henri\Documents\ProjektW_Phase2)

    1. Thanks a lot for that log. Note that I have saved the log lines to my disk and removed them from your post to not make this page too long 😉

      It crahes with “The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open!”.

      And well, that’s some odd error I’ve never seen. It looks like something is locking one of the game’s files (maybe even the projectw.dat), so the game is denied access and can’t load the file.

      That’s odd and I don’t think it’s caused by the game itself (it opens a virtual file system at startup and nothing more). Are you running any anti virus programms? They’re known to sometimes lock files, so maybe adding projectw.dat to the AV’s exceptions could help on this issue.

      1. Dear Sascha

        Thanks for the hint. After a bit of google searching….

        Anti virus is AVG 2012 (paid licence). If I disable it, it all works.
        I made it work while activated by:
        I added an exception for you program and for the bit that made it really work, I added an exception for the directory where log.html is written too. Now it seems to be working fine.
        (for some reason writing to a file called log.html, even though done by an admin permissioned owned program is considered unsafe. Go figure !!)

        1. Thanks a lot for this bit of information, I can imagine that other people get similar problems witht their anti virus software.

          But yeah, it’s pretty odd that your av software blocks writes to a simple html file. I can only guess it’s because the game instantly writes to the file instead of flushing it to the disk when closing. But this is by design, so even errors that the game can’t catch are locked.

  7. Dear Sascha

    I noticed while playing, that when you use the Divisions->select division->general->assign button that the scroll features does not work. If I have more than 8 generals (I have 10), that I cannot assign the last two divisions a general, as I cannot scroll down to them (pressing the down arrow on the scroll window does not seems to work). I can only see the first 8 generals.
    I can see them in the staff menu, and they are not assigned (the skull symbol ? is not white).

    1. You’re right, that’s a bug as the window is shown modal. The scroll arrows won’t work then. I’ll fix that, but in the meantime you should be able to scroll the list with the mouse wheel. Just hover the cursor above the listbox and you can scroll with the mouse wheel.

  8. Dear Sascha

    Another minor iritation:

    The information Hub:
    If in the previous turn, you go through all the messages and then leave the messages at the last message (ie there were lots, so it scrolls ), when you run the next turn, and then open it again, all you see is 1 message. If you scroll up, there are lots.
    Basically, it appears that when the turn is run, the location in the messages is remembered by the game, rather than reseting to the top of the queue.
    Can you get it to reset to the top of the message queue for each new turn please?

  9. Dear Sascha

    A suggestion:

    I was trying to think of a easy way to achive the following (rather than add arrows etc):

    In the regions form, is it possible to color code the pollution percentage number to show if the pollution is going up, steady or down. It could follow the colors in the provence form to be conistant.
    Blue – steady
    Red – decreasing
    Green – increasing

    If thats OK, I would suggest the same for population, satification and growth.

    That would make it alot easier to find the proviences which need to be looked at, do something about (about to have problems) and also, could need some buildings added. (for growth,etc)


    1. I’ll have to admit that’s a pretty nice suggestion 🙂

      Adding this would mean to implement some technical changes, as I’m currently only storing the current factors and the ones from the last turn. And for calculating a trend that won’t be enough.

      But I’ll keep this in mind and add a feature like this for one of the future release, storing maybe the 10 last values and maybe even giving the player a button to see e graph of the values for each regional factor.

  10. Game Crash
    Just finished a combat. In the combat screen. Killed the last unit, then it crashed.

    1. Hi Henri, thanks for posting the crash log (I removed it from your comment and stored it on my disk for reference).
      It’s a known problem that the game crashes upon finishing a (manual) battle. It’s something I’ll be trying to fix as soon as I’ve released the next build. Since it’s not easy to reproduce it may take some time though.

  11. Dear Sascha

    Topic: information on pollution. I find when playing its really hard to work out how the pollution works (the pure maths of how much, so I “know” what to build/how many buildings to fix it).

    A suggestion:

    Is there any way to have a ballon window, or just the menu line in the provence screen we could click on, which would show the factors which inpact pollution and how must correction is needed to stop it rising?
    My thought would be an info window, which shows all the factors which are currently causing the total pollution (both plus and minus). Then its alot easier to work out what you have to do to fix it. Also as part of this, please include the players race factors.

    Is that possible?
    I wish to try and suggest things which make the game easier to play and manage so its more fun.


    1. Another good suggestion Henri 🙂
      I’ll see if I can implement this in a way that it actually benefits the player. The pollution calculations are pretty complex, but the idea of displaying the single factors that make it up is good one, so I may add this in a future release.

      And thanks for all your great feedback!

  12. Topic: The AI , pollution and happiness

    There seems to be an issue with the way the AI figures out pollution and happiness. If you play for a while, my observation is that the AI seems to see happiness as seperate to pollution (just a guess from observation). You will notice when you play, as the pollution level goes up, it starts to cause a large happiness impact, until (when the pollution is 65-70%) it doesnt matter how many happiness buildings you have, happiness will just go down until the provence rebels.
    You actually needs to fix the pollution, not the happiness. (get pollution under 48-44%, and have atleast 1 happiness building).

    From Observation, if you just play defensively, all you have to do is wait till about turn 80-100 and all the AI races will start to loss provences to rebellion. Then you just take them over and fix them up (pollution/happiness buildings, scrap the factories due to pollution generated). Then once the pollution is under about 46%, the happiness will start to go up).

    I notice when taking over these provences (old AI controlled ones), alot of them have no pollution building at all, just happiness ones. Seems the AI is not figuring this out very well (happiness/pollution).

    What do you think ?

    1. Yes, that’s true. I completly rewrote the AI for “Phase 2” and it’s not yet finished. I know about the problem with it loosing regions due to these conditions as I got debug functions for advancing 100 turns at once in the game to check out how the AI is doing.

      There’s still a lot of work in the AI part of the game, and as soon as I get the time I’ll try to improve it 🙂

  13. Question about research and the factors?

    I noticed while playing that the research maximum seems to be caped. What I mean by this, there is a maxiumum to the research factors, but there is no where where this is explained/set. (my current game seems to be a maximum of 400, but other games seem to be 600 so I am a bit confused).

    Is it reserach based (ie certain technology raise the maximum). If so can you put a comment/factor in the research window about the techology please?
    Is it also race/group based?

    Is there a way to be able to expand the “factors entry/line” in the research window showing the factors which give you the total you have for both types of research and maybe have the maximum possible stated as well?

    It would also be nice to be able to see what the impact of the research buildings on the total as well, so I can plan out my method of play.


    1. Yes, there is a cap to the research factor. And it’s split between buildings and scientists. Scientists make at most 40% of the max. research factor and buildings at most 60%.

      The next release of the game will include an extensive tutorial that’ll go into detail how the research factor and it’s cap are calculated.

      And adding a display at how the factors are currently made up to the research window is a nice idea. I’ll try to implement it once I get the time.

  14. messages comment

    Is it possible to have 4 messages added to the turn/provence log please?

    One where the happiness get to 100% (so I know when I can remove the happiness buildings)
    Second, a message when the happiness drops from 100% (someone is splying on me or I have other issues to deal with in that provence).

    I assume it is not possible to go over 100% happiness?

    Third , when the population reaches the maximum (population limit, I need to possibly build pop living space).
    Fourth, when there is possible research to do, and I have no research set (so I know I have forgot to set it, so I dont go 10 turns before I notice)


  15. Another messages idea

    Is it possible to do a pollution triggered message as well?
    My thought would be every 10% as it goes up (not down).
    0% (ie when it goes to 1) and every 10%, so a threshold crossing message.
    with a text something like “pollution is rising now at x”.
    Sometimes while playing I do not have the cash to deal with it, and the next turn I forget. So it would be nice to get another event later, when it goes through the next barrier, so I get reminded I need to do something about it.

  16. Question about how population limit and living category buildings.

    The population limit, is not actually a limit as the population can grow beyond this point. Or is it a limit, before penalities start to apply ?
    (without that, no reason to build the living space buildings).

    How does it work ?


    1. That’s a bug in the current build that’ll be fixed with the next release. Currently the population limit is ignroed, so population can grow without limits. But that’s fixed in the current code, so the population limit along with the living space buildings will be of use again in the next release. The game will also put out messages once a region has reached it’s population limit.

  17. Hallo Herr Willems,

    interessantes Spiel, welches Sie entwicklet haben. Warte schon einige Zeit auf eine spielbare Version von Phase 2.
    Folgendes Problem tritt immer bei mir auf: In der Regionsansicht verdeckt ein weißes Fenster die Bauslots. Kann diese trotzdem anwählen, aber wenn sobald man ein Gebäude auswählt, kommt es zum Absturz. Hier das Crashlog. Scheint ein Rechteproblem zu sein. Lesefehler. Bin als Admin angemeldet und habe mal alle Firewalls und Antivirus ausgestellt, Problem tritt trotzdem auf. Kann es unter Umständen mit den Grafik-Treibern zusammenhängen? Diese sind veraltet, sollten aber trotzdem funktionieren. Bei neueren hatte ich bei diversen Spielen Probleme.

    1. Nein, es ist kein Rechteproblem. Das Spiel ist so konzipiert dass es sogar als Gastbenutzer von einem USB-Stick läuft. Ausserdem werden vorher schon diverse Dateien geladen, und das funktioniert 😉

      Allerdings scheint es sich hier um ältere Grafikhardware (Radeon 9600/x1950) zu handeln die lt. Log keine Framebufferobjekte unterstützt. Auf solchen alten Grafikkarten muss das Spiel dann auf normales Render-To-Texture zurückgreifen, und in der aktuellen Open Beta ist es so dass dies noch nicht an allen Stellen implementiert ist. Es ist also gut möglich dass hier die Grafikkarte das Problem darstellt und ich evtl. Änderungen am Code vornehmen muss. Ob es auf solchen Karten mit neueren Treibern funktioniert kann ich leider nicht sagen, da ich keine entsprechende Hardware zum testen habe.

      Ich werde aber bei Gelegenheit (wenn es die Zeit hergibt) versuchen hier für alte Karten entsprechend Code anzupassen damit es auch dort zumindest ohne Absturz läuft.

      Hinweis : Ich habe das Fehlerlog aus dem Kommentar entfernt und mir auf die Platte gespeichert.

  18. Hello,
    when following the links of the archives I am prompted that the download does not exists. What happened?

    Kind regards,


  19. Great game here. Just thought I’d point out there are some typos in the Tutorial.

    On section ‘3.12 Building Selection’ – You accidentally said “tpyes” instead of “types”. There are a few other mistakes like these that I saw before (two I think) and some after as well. Not that they are game breaking or anything, and they can also be interpreted correctly. But it doesn’t look as professional as I feel you could make it look.

    1. On ‘3.15 The AI-builder’

      Under the second Hint (And the second to last row on the page): You say “noew” instead of “no”.

      So you should change it from:
      “The AI-builder will use noew more than 50% of your budget for constructing and upgrading buildings.”
      “The AI-builder will use no more than 50% of your budget for constructing and upgrading buildings.”

    2. On ‘4.7 Divisions – Manage Units’

      You should change:
      “… if you select the unit even more details are displaybe below the icon.”
      “… if you select the unit even more details are displayed below the icon”

      In the last paragraph, you should change:
      “All units assigned to the division are shown in the lis to the top right”
      “All units assigned to the division are shown in the list to the top right”

    3. On ‘5.2 Attacking regions’

      You should change:
      “The left part of this view displays informationen on your own”
      “The left part of this view displays information on your own”

      As well as:
      “If you actually don’t want to attack this region you can always cancel the attak.”
      “If you actually don’t want to attack this region you can always cancel the attack.”

    4. On ‘5.3 Manual battles’

      In the last paragraph, you should change it from:
      “until either the attacking or defending division has been defeated, and upon starint their movement phase”
      “until either the attacking or defending division has been defeated, and when starting their movement phase”

    5. Thanks a lot for your corrections. The english translation of the tutorial was made in a rush and I reckon that there are a lot of spelling and grammar errors, so pointing them out makes things easier for me.

      So I’ll incorporate your corrections into the next release 🙂

  20. Dear developers. Create a 64 bit project or put out the sources that I could compile it yourself project. I use a 64-bit installation of multi slakvare and libraries in general is fraught with consequences for the entire system. Thank you all the best.

  21. Hey sascha , this is a very cool game. Have you thought about implementing an online multiplayer mode? Its really the only thing missing from this game from my point of view. I think you could make a good deal of money if you wanted to. Geat work.

  22. Hallo Sascha ich kann die Datei von Project w Phase 2 nicht öffnen denn er will ein Passwort von mir. Kannst du mir da weiterhelfen ?

    1. Projekt “W” – Phase 2
      Version Projekt “W” – Phase 2 (open beta build)
      OS is Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Version 6.1, Build 7601, 64-Bit-Edition)

      Description of the occured exception :
      Type = EFCreateError
      Message = Datei “C:\Users\Scott\Documents\ProjektW_Phase2\log.html” kann nicht erstellt werden. The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open

      1. Description of the occured exception :
        Type = EAccessViolation
        Message = Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 00000000. Lesen von Adresse 00000000

  23. Hi,

    I just wanted to give ProjektW Phase2 a try, but unfortunately on my 64bit Ubuntu 14.04 it gives me this cryptic error:

    andi@nukebox:/usr/local/games/projectw_phase2$ ./ProjektWeltherrscher
    The program ‘ProjektWeltherrscher’ received an X Window System error.
    This probably reflects a bug in the program.
    The error was ‘BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)’.
    (Details: serial 8648 error_code 1 request_code 155 minor_code 198)
    (Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;
    that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.
    To debug your program, run it with the –sync command line
    option to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful
    backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)

  24. Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets
    I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates.

    I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something
    like this. Please let me know if you run into anything.
    I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward
    to your new updates.

  25. Hi. I started playing your game, and so far it’s been great fun. I like gran strategy games, and have played HoI 2 and 3, Supreme Ruler (all versions) and some others. Your game is very fun, and I’m really enjoying it. I understand it’s a beta, and am very interested in the way it evolves.
    I write in a linux and gaming blog, and will publish a review of your game there next week.
    Thanx for your game.

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