This section of my homepage is dedicated to the usage of the Newton Game Dynamics engine with Delphi/Pascal. It’s a free physics engine for realtime environments which includes a very realistic solver that can give almost reality-like results when used in a correct way. Currently NGD 2.00 is in development, bringing new features like racyast vehicles, realtime destruction of meshes, user collisions, softbodies and much more. Here you’ll find official header translations for Delphi/Pascal as well as demos and applications I wrote that use this physics engine.

Newton headers for Delphi/Pascal
    I’m currently maintaining the (official) header translations of the NGD SDK to Delphi / Pascal. In addition to the headers for the latest official version of Newton this section now also contains translations of the current beta headers, so that you can test out the newest Newton beats with Delphi/Pascal. The headers should work with Delphi 3 and up as well as Free Pascal.
    To the Newton headers for Delphi / Pascal…
Newton demos and apps
    Demos and applications that I coded to off show what Newton is capable of. They are far more complex than the above demos but don’t come with source code and are supposed to be a showcase of some advanced newton features.
    To the newton demos and applications… 
Newton demos for developers
    This section contains several demos aimed at people that want to develop with Newton Game Dynamics. The demos all come with well documented source code and showcase different things, starting from very simple demos like a stack of boxes to more complex things like implementing a character controller or creating explosions.
    To the newton developer demos… 


  1. *sigh* It looks so great… I can’t use it, it crashes during the loading… If you could help me, thnaks a ton

  2. When I run it the first part where it shows the pictures of in-game things crashes…then it says a bunch of stuff in german 🙁

      1. That’s not a problem of your sound card, none of my newton demos or apps use sound. If it isn’t working it’s your graphics card’s fault. Either it’s too old (although most of the demos only use a very basic OpenGL feature-set) or simply because you haven’t installed newer drivers that bring OpenGL-support. The ones that ship with windows only bring a very old software-implementation for OpenGL, so having recent drivers from your vendor is a must.

  3. when I downloaded it on my mac it was a folder with folders in it and they told me to find an aplication that could run everything innit.

  4. When I try to run it I get an error message which says:

    NewtonPlayGround 1.51
    Build 10_02_06

    Scene information :
    Filename = noname
    Number of primitives = 0

    What should I do?

  5. little hint to guys who have problems with the game: re-download it
    (it works at sometimes) (^^>

  6. ok, anyone know where to download models for this program…i want to model and trasmistion but i don’t have many gears to work with…

    1. A note for the next time : PLEASE post your comment on the right page! There is nothing on this page that allows loading models or whatever. If you’re talking about the NewtonPlayGround please post your comment on the corresponding page for the playground!

  7. Let me ask you follow about newton:

    Work the collison detection for concave meshes vs. concave meshes ?
    If yes, it’s fast in compare to ode or coldet ?

  8. this was friggin’ AWESOME,but when i would get on bowling,i’d try to delete the ball and replace with a ragdoll and it would crash.WTF is up?

  9. I downloaded Newton Playground at it works ok, although it’ll never really replace Gmod. Still, it’s fun. I don’t get much lag either =)

  10. Hi kollege hab dein spiel runtergeladen und es ausprobiert und das spiel ist echt super hab aber leider
    immer noch das problem mit der umwelt ich hab in einer region keine gebäude die,die umwelt verschmutzen hab sogar
    paar gebäude die sie säubern soll aber es steigt trotzdem.
    hast du ne idee für mich.

  11. Hi Sascha,

    Vielen Dank für die Header für Delphi und die ganzen Demos!
    Aber ich wüsste gerne ob es auch Header für die 2.0x Version
    von Newton gibt, da in der 1.53er Version auch Bugs (Raycast)
    vorhanden sein sollen.

    mfg crazysaem.

  12. Hi Sascha,

    Vielen Dank für die Header für Delphi und die ganzen Demos!
    Aber ich wüsste gerne ob es auch Header für die 2.0x Version
    von Newton gibt, da in der 1.53er Version auch Bugs (Raycast)
    vorhanden sein sollen.

    mfg GermanIDIOT.

  13. hey uhh it says to get a better graphixs engein even tho i have the newest one aany help? greatly apreaceated

    1. Please clarify your answer. What are you talking about? The demos, the playground or the headers? And there is no “engine” used in any of them. So it’s possibly your graphics card’s driver that neeeds to be updated.

  14. Thank you for the freepascal newton header. And also for the dgl tutorials, they are great.
    Also eigt könnt ich das ja auch in Deutsch sagen:) Super Arbeit die du hier leistest.

    1. What do you mean by “open”? If you want to use Newton in your delphi/free pascal projects, just download the headers, the sdk and check out the SDL demos on how to get it running.

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