This section of my homepage is dedicated to the usage of the Newton Game Dynamics engine with Delphi/Pascal. It’s a free physics engine for realtime environments which includes a very realistic solver that can give almost reality-like results when used in a correct way. Currently NGD 2.00 is in development, bringing new features like racyast vehicles, realtime destruction of meshes, user collisions, softbodies and much more. Here you’ll find official header translations for Delphi/Pascal as well as demos and applications I wrote that use this physics engine.

Newton headers for Delphi/Pascal
    I’m currently maintaining the (official) header translations of the NGD SDK to Delphi / Pascal. In addition to the headers for the latest official version of Newton this section now also contains translations of the current beta headers, so that you can test out the newest Newton beats with Delphi/Pascal. The headers should work with Delphi 3 and up as well as Free Pascal.
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Newton demos and apps
    Demos and applications that I coded to off show what Newton is capable of. They are far more complex than the above demos but don’t come with source code and are supposed to be a showcase of some advanced newton features.
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Newton demos for developers
    This section contains several demos aimed at people that want to develop with Newton Game Dynamics. The demos all come with well documented source code and showcase different things, starting from very simple demos like a stack of boxes to more complex things like implementing a character controller or creating explosions.
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