Guild Wars

This gallery contains screenshots I took while playing Guild Wars, a CMORPG (although often referred as an MMORPG) that I’ve been playing since it’s release three years ago. Its one of those games that’s really good in each area (gameplay, graphics, sound, content) and has a lot of content to offer. I prefer doing PvE but I also like to do some PvP from time-to-time, as PvP is where the game really shines.

Guild Wars Characters

I've been playing Guild Wars since almost three years on a more-or-less regular basis, this gallery includes some shots and infos on my characters.

Guild Wars Scenery

Although not using any really "next-gen" features, the graphics of Guild Wars often still look stunning thanks to a great art-direction. These shots showcase some interesting places in Guild Wars.

Guild Wars Events

The people behind Guild Wars do special events each year (wintersday, canthan new year, halloween, etc.). These are shos that I took during those events.

Guild Wars Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous screenshots