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OpenGL tutorials

This mostly contains my (more or less) recent OpenGL tutorials that I write for the german Delphi-OpenGL-Community, so they're only available in german. If there are enough requests I may translate some of them into english.

7 thoughts on “OpenGL tutorials

  1. Hi,
    Your programs are really interesting.I would like to go through your Tutorials as well.I would be very greatful to you if you translate them into English.I am a beginner to Graphics Programming in Delphi.I am in great need of Tutorials.Hope you would help me out.

  2. This is a great site, It would be nice to see some of your tutorials in English as I am sure they are packed with usefull information

  3. I just thought like Dennis, I tried Google Translate and as far as I can tell is fairly understandable. (But I know some german too so I can almost read the original.)

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