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“Phase 2” went into open beta
“Phase 2”, the successor to “Phase 1” has gone into open beta!
So if you enjoyed the first Projekt “W”, then you may want to take a look at the open beta to see how much has changed and to check out all the new features.  More information and downloads can be found on the page for”Phase 2″‘.
Projekt „W“ (the „W“ stands for „Weltherrscher“ which is german for „World ruler“) is my current project and up until now also my most ambitious and complex project. First ideas for this game came up in 2003 and I quickly put together a first prototype. But I didn’t really like the game design back then as I felt it was too bloated and boring, so I did put the project to rest. But then back in agust 2006 I decided to pick up the idea and totally rewrote the game design in order to make it quicker to play an more appealing.Since then I spent a lot of time working on Projekt „W“ and with the release of „Phase 1“ most of my initial game vision has come to life. Also note that this is a freeware game, so you can download and play it without having to pay or unlock anything. If you see a page where it’s offered as a paid download please inform me and refrain getting it from there.
As with all my recent projects this one has also been coded using Borland’s Delphi, it uses OpenGL for 3D graphics (and even shaders when supported) and FMOD for audio output. Contrary to most turn-based games it’s visuals are on-par with modern game, including a detailled 3D-globe, unique 3D-backgrounds for each nations, reflecting shader-driven water and a day/night-cycle with night-lights for the globe.
Since “Phase 1” has been released I started working on “Phase 2”, that’ll contain a lot of new features (see below). You can take a look at the roadmap for “Phase 2” here. It includes all the major changes for “Phase 2” and is updated regularly.
What is “Phase 2”?

“Phase 2” will be the “successor” to Projekt Weltherrscher (known as “Phase 1”). It’ll include some features that didn’t make the cut for the initial release as well as many new features, new content, new functionality, redone user interface and much more.


The game is set in a fictional history roughly around 50 years in the future and only five huge nations exist in this setting, each with it’s own extensive history, flag and territorial belongings. It’s basically a spin on the current hostile world-political situation and shows how this (in my opinion) could turn to in the worst-case. All known structures that tied the nations together, like the United Nations, the NATO or the G8 have broken apart and the nations even started to separate them in terms of economy. So there are no more ties between those new nations and it’s a survival of the fittest, so in the end only one nation will stand victorious.
There also haven been substantial changes to the territorial distributions of certain nations due to the happenings in the fiction history. While Übermerika still owns the same regions as before, the arabian league for example had to “relocate” to south-america and africa while Neweuropa now owns most parts of the middle east.
Projekt „W“ is a turn-based strategy game. This means you have a lot of time to plan your move (except for the hotseat-mode where your time is limited in respect to other players) which gives the game a lot of strategic depth. Here is a very short summary of the gameplay to give you an idea what the game is about :

  • Control your regions
    Your regions are your most valuable possesion in this game. If you loose them all you loose the game and they’re the only way to produce ressources that are needed to „buy“ things in the game. Each region has different factors that you need to take care of and to alter those factors you need to construct buildings. There are dozens of buildings that can be construced with the most advanced buildings needing to be researched. This way you’ll always have some obsolete buildings to replace.
  • Manage your army
    Since this is a very hostile setting, paying attention to your army management is crucial. You’ll have to construct military units (infantry, tanks, aircrafts and more) and put them into divisions that you assign to your regions. Those divisions then can be used to overtake enemy regions and to defend your own regions. As with the buildings you’ll also be able to unlock more powerful military units by researching the appropriate technologies.
  • Research new technologies
    A lot of buildings, military units and even global benefits can only be reached by researching new technologies. So it’s always wise to hire some scientists, construct some research buildings and do research in order to have an edge over your enemy.
  • Spy on your enemies (and sabotage them)
    Although a passive feature it’s a very important part of the gameplay. You can hire spies and infiltrate enemy regions in order to spy important date (like constructed buildings or stationed army divisions) and even do some sabotaging acts that can give you the needed advantage before attacking an enemy region. But be careful, it’s possible that your expensive spies get captured when doing espionage and sabotage acts!
  • Manage staff
    You can hire scientists that boost your research, spies that help you get important informations and generals that can be assigned to divisions in order to boost defense and attack values of your military units.
  • Manage your ressources
    It’s very important to have an eye on your ressources. You need them to buy military units, to construct buildings and to hire stuff, so if you spend more ressources than you earn you won’t be able to expand. So spend them wise as only regions produce them and military units and hired staff will cost you ressources each turn.
  • State-of-the-art 3D graphics using OpenGL and shaders (only on hardware that supports shader model 2 and up)
  • 5 different nations with different territorial startings, it’s own history and basic factors, each with it’s unique 3D background
  • Almost 40 different buildings
    Project W buildings
  • 14 different military units
    Project W units
  • 25 technologies awaiting to be researched
  • Single- and multiplayer game modes for up to 5 players
  • Varying AI personalities, no game against computer enemies is the same
  • Multilingual (english and german for now)
  • Extensive manual to get you started
  • It’s freeware

The game can be played alone and with multiple human players. If you decide to play alone you’ll choose your nation and the difficulty and all other nations will be controlled by the computer and you have as much time as you like to make your turns. Note that this is the first complex computer controlled intelligence I ever wrote so it’s not the smartest one around. And if you’d like to play against human opponents then the hotseat-mode is the way to go. It allows you to select if a human or the AI controlls a nation so you can play with up to five human players. If a player is finished with his turn the next player will take over mouse and keyboard. The time a player can spend on his turn is limited in this mode.

    • Singleplayer :

    • Hotseat :

Note fore users of AMD Dualcore-CPUs : Please install the DualCore-Optimizer from AMD or the game may have troubles with timing and the user-interface may behave odd.
Due to a lack of different systems to test the game on it’s hard to tell the minimum requirements, but if you own a system like the one below you should be able to play the game at acceptable framerates :

  • Windows 2000, XP and Vista
  • Windows 98 and Me are not supported but may work if you install the GDIPlus DLLs (see link in game’s readme)
  • Single-core CPU with at least 1 Ghz (the game does not take advantage of multiple cores)
  • 512 MBytes of memory
  • ~80 MBytes of free hard disk space
  • Graphicscard with 128 MBytes video memory that supports OpenGL 1.3 and texturecompression (Geforce 4 and up and Radeon 9000 and up should work)

If you want to play with all eye-candy enabled and also want to enable anti-aliasing (recommended), the following is recommended :

  • Windows XP
  • Processor with 2 Ghz
  • 512 MBytes of memory
  • ~80 MBytes of free hard disk space
  • Nvidia Geforce 6 (or better) / ATI Radeon X1800 (or better) with 256 MBytes of video memory

The usual eye-candy. These shots were taken with all details enabled, using shaders and 4xanti-aliasing. Click on a shot to magnify it.

Background information
Features (at least some of them)
Game modes
System requirements


  1. Great stuff. When canwe expect 2? You know people will pay after this. Drop me a line.

    1. There is no release date for “Phase 2”. There is already a lot of stuff done but still a lot of work is left before I can even think about releasing it. Right now I’m taking a creative break from working on it, but don’t worry, I’ll continue working on it.

  2. Please never mind my last question. But I have one more. Are attack and defense value of units both used during the battle in attacking or defending a region, or is the attack value used only when moving into the enemy region, and the defense value when the region is defending?

    1. Note : In “Phase 2” battle calculations along with manual battles will be done different.

      But as for “Phase 1”, the values are always used and are not connected to wether you attack or defend a region. Attack is used when a unit attacks a different unit and the other unit then uses defense for countering damage. So no, those values are not connected to defending or attacking a region.

  3. The game really fascinates me, and I have just 2 more questions. First, are diverse divisions necessarily more effective than completely specialized ones? For example, would a division with 3 each of heavy infantry, main battle tanks, and jet fighters, likely defeat a division of 9 jet fighters? Second, is there any purpose in maxing out a division beyond the full disc strength?

  4. The Detailed Globe graphics settins maxes the actual area’s invisible and you look strait through it.
    It might look good, but looses functionality for the game, since you loose overview.
    I recommend some reconsideration of this mode.


  5. i must say, A+ for phase 1. its really a great game, however you said phase 2 would be released around 2008 but its now 2010 and its still not out. i just really hope you finish it because i would be willing to pay for this game. unlike most games that are sold for $60 this one is actually WORTH $60. so, just saying i hope you finish phase 2. it looks so much better than phase 1 and phase 1 is pretty damn good.

    sorry for the double post had to fix some grammar stuff.

    1. My main problem is not about money or motivation, but rather about time. Due to personal reasons I only have a very limited amount of spare time nowadays. That’s why “Phase 2” is taking so long. It’s not that I don’t want to finish it or that I don’t have the motivation, I’m “just “lacking the time to work on “Phase 2” as often as I was able to do when I made “Phase 1”. So “Phase 2” will be released one day (I may even cut some features to get it done), but it’ll take it’s time.

      1. alright. sorry about the lack of time. and if you do cut features would you reinstate them at a later date?

        1. Since I already implemented the basics of all the new features (some parts more advanced than others) I don’t plan to scrap any of the features announced for “Phase 2”. But with one exception, the online multiplayer part. It’s the only new feature I haven’t started implementing and it’s also one of the hardest features to implement (mostly because testing network playability is rather complex). So this may be the only feature missing for “Phase 2”, but I’m still not sure about that yet.

          1. i usually don’t play multiplayer games on the PC anyway due to poor internet connection anyway, so I’m super excited for Phase 2 whenever it does come out.

  6. is game compatible with Win XP SP 3???

    game will not start, here is the log file –

    3:49:31 AM – Starting Projekt “W” – Phase 1 (v1.2)
    3:49:31 AM – TGame->LoadSettings->Loading game settings
    3:49:32 AM – [OpenGL] Vendor = NVIDIA Corporation
    3:49:32 AM – [OpenGL] Renderer = GeForce 7800 GTX/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!
    3:49:32 AM – [OpenGL] Version = 2.0.1
    3:49:32 AM – [OpenGL] Extension “GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap” supported
    3:49:32 AM – [OpenGL] Extension “GL_ARB_texture_compression” supported
    3:49:32 AM – [SYSTEM] Operating system = Windows XP Service Pack 3
    3:49:32 AM – [SYSTEM] Language = English (United States)
    3:49:32 AM – TGame->Create->Render context created
    3:49:32 AM – TGame->Create->Loading textures in “data\tex\” (*.jpg, *.png, *.tga, *.dds)
    3:49:33 AM – TGame->Create->Loading textures in “data\tex\nocompression\” (*.jpg, *.png, *.tga, *.dds)
    3:49:34 AM – TGame->Create->Loading 3d models in “data\3d”
    3:49:34 AM – TGame->Create->PerformanceCounterFrequency = 2.7937µs
    3:49:34 AM – TTechnologyTree->LoadFromXML->Loading from data\XML\technologies.xml
    3:49:34 AM – TTechnologyTree->LoadFromXML->Loading from data\XML\technologies.xml
    3:49:34 AM – TTechnologyTree->LoadFromXML->Loading from data\XML\technologies.xml
    3:49:34 AM – TTechnologyTree->LoadFromXML->Loading from data\XML\technologies.xml
    3:49:34 AM – TTechnologyTree->LoadFromXML->Loading from data\XML\technologies.xml
    3:49:34 AM – TUnitTypePool->LoadFromXML->Loading from data\XML\units.xml
    3:49:34 AM – TBuildingTypePool->LoadFromXML->Loading from data\XML\buildings.xml
    3:49:34 AM – TGame->Create->Starting Soundsystem…
    3:49:34 AM – TFMODSoundSystem->Initializing…
    3:49:34 AM – TFMODSoundSystem->Successfully initialized
    3:49:35 AM – TGame->Create->Loading shaders…
    3:49:36 AM – TGame->Create->Shaders loaded
    3:49:36 AM – Game started in 4 seconds
    3:49:36 AM – An access violation occured during run-time :
    3:49:36 AM – Projekt “W”
    3:49:36 AM – Version Projekt “W” – Phase 1 (v1.2)
    3:49:36 AM – OS is Windows XP Service Pack 3
    3:49:36 AM –
    3:49:36 AM – Description of the occured exception :
    3:49:36 AM – Type = ERangeError
    3:49:36 AM – Message = Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung

    1. Since it’s opting out with an ERangeError it shouldn’t be a problem with XP an SP3 (that should work fine). So could you please post more information on your system. And also if you ran it as a restricted user or as an administrator is important.

  7. I ran the game with an account with admin rights as reported by User Accounts

    reported in System Properties –

    AMD FX-60 processor, 2.61 GHz, 2 GB of RAM


  8. I am LOVING THIS GAME. I can’t believe that this is free. This is as good as paid games. I want YOU to continue this project for us. This game is AMAZING.

    Thank you VERY much for developing such a good game for free.


  9. Impressive! My first time finding this site. Amazing to think you have built this yourself. I know phase 1 is freeware and I hope phase 2 is (at first). If I were you, though, I would look into finding an investor and a way to market this game as an online download. It’s all about advertising.

    You really could (and should) make enough to buy a house or two with this. Best wishes!

  10. One of the best strategy games I’ve seen for being so simple yet engaging. That being said, here are some of the problems I found in playing it: 1) Too easy to beat (this will probably be fixed with the new AI). 2) Technological advances never come into play because the game is over before they are developed. Could never put into play Military advances and Civil research was an utter waste of time given the length of the game (either shorten research cycle or preferably lengthen game cycle). 3) Even if you don’t own a country you should be able to find out some information (at minimum name of country and possible paths leading from/to). 4) Pollution seems out of balance (if the factories/power plants produce 4 bars of pollution shouldn’t 4 green spaces compensate? If population produces it’s own pollution this should be documented). 5) Their seems to be a cap on military research factor (let the player in more on the way scientists and buildings impact this calculation). 6) The best choices always are the non-pollution producing options. With any conquest you always have more than enough space to develop (this might again be fixed with new AI curbing advancement). Every game ended up being a 21st century wind powered agrarian society.

    1. Thanks for your extensive feedback. The things you pointed out have been also noted by several other people, and most of the balancing issues are already fixed in my current build of “Phase 2″. But I also want to do an open beta test for balancing purposes sometime next year to find all remaining balancing issues.

      Research times are already lowered for “Phase 2″, so research will now conlcude faster, this is also needed cause there will be more technologies in “Phase 2″.

      As for the pollution thing it’s a bit complicated, cause as you guessed the pollution will raise when your region has a higher population, so in that case it’s not enough to have a building with 4 bars of green space to counter 4 bars of pollution. But this formula has already been tweaked for “Phase 2″, and pollution will be easier to handle. Though I agree with you that it should be documnted, so this will make it’s way into the maual.

  11. Damn. I really, REALLY wanted to play this game. However, I cant. Each time I try, I get this error:

    Exception EAccessViolation in Modul ProjektWeltherrscher.exe bei 000B6DA7. Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 004B6DA7 in Modul ‘ProjektWeltherrscher.exe’. Lesen von Adresse 00000000.

    I’ve got Pentium DualCore, GeForce 6600GT, 4Gb RAM and Windows XP. Any chance you could help me? Thanks in advance! 😉

    1. An access violation at adress zero usually means that you don’t have OpenGL drivers installed for your graphics card. So please go to your graphics card’s vendor page ( and install the latest drivers. They include an OpenGL ICD (which the default windows driver is lacking). If that’s still not working make sure you run with administrative rights, and if even that won’t help you can send me the log file (log.html) created by the game so I may take a look at the problem.

  12. Ich muss sagen das ist ein echt tolles Game^^ Wirklich respekt!
    Ich hoffe das Phase 2 noch viel besser wird ;P

    Aber mal so ein paar Sachen die mir aufgefallen sind:

    Eigentlich soll doch Bevölkerungslimit ohne irgendwas aus der Wohnen rubrik 1.0 sein oder? Bei mir wächst die einfach weiter…

    Daraus ergibt sich dann auch mein nächstes Problem. Ich habs ausprobiert, in einer Region hatte ich 1 Kryogenisches Institut, 3 Antimateriefluxon und ganze 5 Teleporttransportsysteme. Dennoch ist die Umweltverschmutzung so stark angestiegen das die zufiredenheit derartig gesunken ist das das Land rebelliert hat…

    Ich kann mir nicht so recht vorstellen das du das so gewollt hast. Vieleicht ist ja auch ein Fehler in meiner Version KA.

    Auf jeden Fall kann ich so keinerlei Bevölerungswachstum betreiben ohne auf kurz oder lang die Region an Rebellen oder Umweltverschmutzung zu verlieren. Und das ist gerade im Hotseat Modus wenn die spiele was länger dauern als gegen den PC echt doof.

    Ich hoffe bei Phase 2 ist das besser^^

    1. Ja, das ist eins der Balancingprobleme von Phase 1 (und bisher auch das am meisten mitgeteilte) und ist in Phase 2 dank neuer Kalkulationen bereits gefixt. Nach diversen Simulationen (100+ Runden) scheinen die neuen Berechnungen auch weitaus besser zu verlaufen so dass man zum einen länger Spielen kann ohne das die Verschmutzung zu stark ansteigt und diese zum anderen effektiver mit entsprechenden Gebäuden bekämpfen kann. Wird in Phase 2 also besser sein.

  13. I like the looks of the game, but am unable to play it.
    I would get to the first loading screen and it says that it stopped working.

    After troubleshooting it says the program could not find the localization folder.

    I re-downloaded it butit still wouldn’t work.

    Any help would be apprectiated, I run on win7 32bit

    1. The localization folder is located inside the virtual file system. And if the game can’t find it, it usually means it doesn’t have the rights to read/write from/to the directory you installed it to. So if you’re not on an administrative account try to move/instal it into a folder wehre it’s able to write to.

  14. Very nice work on this game!
    I know setting up multiplayer can be a problem, but have you considered multiplayer via mail games?
    It should be a lot faster to work out, and you might even find that you have time to set up some extra.
    Like auto mail checking/download and loading file into game. (Bug): One more thing you might look into is that when a commander removed from active duty he goes into available status with a star (meaning he will be unavailable for one round) but he never seems to becomes available again. So I always have to firing them. It can be a real problem, if you never intended to remove him from duty in the first place.

    1. Thanks for the praise 🙂

      And yes, I considered different multiplayer methods besides Hotseat, and PBM was one of them. I played Panzer General via PBM back in the good old days. But that all depends on my spare time, and it’s extremly limited right now. So first I’ll finish the new features for “Phase 2” and will then start to think about what multiplayer options I’ll put in. PBM shouldn’t be hard to implement though.

      As for the bug :
      It’ll be fixed in “Phase 2”. The whole staff management has been rewritten from scratch, so that bug will be gone too.

  15. Ryan says:
    7. November 2011 at 00:27

    I cannot play the game.
    It says that I need a localization folder, but i do not have it.
    I re downloaded it but it didnt work.

    any help? I run on win 7 32 bit

    I saw something about this when I was reading the install doc (i think) from the website download. It has to do with how windows 7 handles local user directory. I didn’t really pay it much attention because I use Ubuntu. But check back there and see if you can find the fix it was there.

    That also reminds me to ask the Maker, if you have plans to port this to Linux?

    1. The localization folder is located inside the virtual file system, therefore you can’t find it. And if the game can’t find it, it usually means it doesn’t have the rights to read/write from/to the directory you installed it to. So if you’re not on an administrative account try to move/instal it into a folder wehre it’s able to write to.

      This is something I fixed for “Phase 2”, so that should work from every account, even guests. But there is no fix for “Phase 1”.

      And no, there won’t be a linux port. For Phase 2 I removed some stuff like GDI+ so that if works with WINE if you want to play under linux.

      1. Yep, it works real well under wine…
        hope its the same with the next one.
        And I do respect the lack of time!

        1. Yes, I have a second PC with a native linux installation, and after removing somet things like GDI+ “Phase 2” works with WINE there perfectly, and performance is pretty good too.

  16. does this program work on win7, or a netbbok, mine has an error loading when i try to open it, and was wondering why.

    I am admin and have it in the preset “program files”

    1. Yes, it works with Windows 7. But for the netbook I can’t tell. What hardware specifications does it have? It’s possible that the GPU doesn’t support the necessary OpenGL features to get the game running.

  17. Sascha Willems says

    The localization folder is located inside the virtual file system. And if the game can’t find it, it usually means it doesn’t have the rights to read/write from/to the directory you installed it to. So if you’re not on an administrative account try to move/instal it into a folder wehre it’s able to write to

    I am admin and have it in the preset “program files”

  18. I recently discovered, and started playing, ProjektW and have some suggestions for phase 2:

    1) Add a 3rd gathering item (to the current resources and energy) – perhaps food. This would allow for more complex mixes of buildings and expand re-playability.
    Food would contribute to population growth – thus:

    resource is function of buildings, energy, population, and pollution
    energy is function of buildings
    food is function of buildings, energy, pollution
    growth is function of food (surplus?) and growth

    2) Revise building to include 3rd gathering item. So the agricultural complex might be 1 resource, 3 food, -1 energy, while a factory might be 2 resource, 1 food (prepackaged), -1 energy, 2 pollution.

    3) Consider re-scaling building values and production results – a scale of 1 .. 5 (? – I’m new to the game). A limited scale makes new buildings overlap (too similar to) old ones – often same values, but 3-5 times as expensive. Changing the scale to 1 .. 10 allows for more subtle changes to values (especially if combined with 3rd gathering item in 1) above).

    4) Consider allowing a handicaping/tailoring scheme at game start, involving starting continent and base faction characteristics (growth, loyalty, resources, etc.). Thus, selecting starting position would yield X points to spend – bonuses would use point, while maluses would yield additional points to spend.

    5) Consider training bonuses (linked to technology advances, perhaps) – thus, after some event, new units could be 20% stronger (and another event, 40%, etc.).

    Your user interface is visually stunning, but what attracted me to the game was the ability to mix planning/building with conquering – the strategic game. The suggestions above are designed to improve this strategic game.

    Just a couple of thoughts …

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