Dungeon Crawler Demo with Source released

Some of you might remember my article on random dungeon generation that I released back in 2010. I recently took a look at the demo and sat down to finish it up and release it to the public along with the complete source code.

The demo comes with full source code, including the source for random dungeon generation (with practically no limit for the dungeon size) and implements a simple OpenGL renderer with per-pixel-lighting. It also uses the Newton Game Dynamics physics engine for proper collision and physical reactions by using the built-in character controller. I tested and compiled it with Lazarus and Delphi XE2, but it should work with other versions too. Currently it’s only windows, but the dungeon generation itself is not bound to any OS, and changing the OpenGL renderer to use Linux or Mac OS should only be a matter of a few lines.

And though I’ve got several ideas what to do with a random dungeon generation, including a complete (albeit small) design document with a not-so-standard game idea (or something horror-releated would also be a nice idea I guess), I don’t think I’ll be able to do something with this in the near future, so I decided it would be a good idea to release it to the public.

So if some of you decide to use this as a base for your projects I’d really like to see what you do with that random dungeon generator.

The demo with complete source can be found here


    1. Since the demo doesn’t use any advanced OpenGL features it shouldn’t be a problem porting it to OpenGL ES. Actually it should only be a matter of minutes, so feel free to port it over.

      1. Thanks Sascha, but with opengles 1.1 is possible to use shader? In your demo you use frag and vert shader.


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