Updated Vulkan example binaries

Took a bit longer than expected, but I finally got around releasing updated binaries for my open source C++ Vulkan examples. Compared to the last updated (in 2016) there are numerous changes and lots of new examples added. One major addition is touch support on Android.

So if you just want to run Vulkan examples (to e.g. test your device) you can grab these pre-built binaries instead of compiling from vulkan.gpuinfo.org :


  1. indirectdraw.exe hat Fehlstellen in der Grafik
    (hatte zuletzt am 7.3. selbst kompiliert, da ging es noch)

    WARNING: [SWAP_CHAIN] Code 0 : vkGetSwapchainInfoKHR(0x7, VK_SWAP_CHAIN_INFO_TYPE_PERSISTENT_IMAGES_KHR) returned mismatching data
    WARNING: [MEM] Code 15 : vkQueuePresentKHR(): Cannot read invalid swapchain image 0x8, please fill the memory before using.
    ERROR: [DS] Code 1964 : Images passed to present must be in layout VK_IMAGE_LAYOUT_PRESENT_SRC_KHR but is in VK_IMAGE_LAYOUT_UNDEFINED. For more information refer to Vulkan Spec Section ‘30.6. WSI Swapchain’ which states ‘Any given element of pImageIndices must be the index of a presentable image acquired from the swapchain specified by the corresponding element of the pSwapchains array, and the presented image subresource must be in the VK_IMAGE_LAYOUT_PRESENT_SRC_KHR layout at the time the operation is executed on a VkDevice’ (https://www.khronos.org/registry/vulkan/specs/1.0-extensions/xhtml/vkspec.html#VkPresentInfoKHR)

    1. Danke für die Info, auf den Platformen auf denen ich getestet hab, lief alles ohne Validierungsfehler durch. Schauch ich mir aber trotzdem nochmal an.

  2. I have not found any example of setting up Vulkan using precompiled binaries for visual studio 2017 community edition. Most of the published tutorials assume the 2015 edition. Will the existing binaries work or must I wait for an update? I appreciate that this is a question not a comment but I am sure that you understand that authoritative advice is a rare commodity . Thanks for your tutorials and examples and thanks in advance for an answer to my question.

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