Updated Vulkan example binaries (and vkQuake for Android)

Finally found some time to update the binaries for my open source ++ Vulkan examples. Since the last binaries have been a few months old these contain lots of changes and new examples.

So if you just want to run Vulkan examples (to e.g. test your device) you can grab these pre-built binaries instead of compiling from vulkan.gpuinfo.org :

Android binary for vkQuake

As a bonus I have also uploaded Android binaries for my Android port of Axel Gneiting’s vkQuake. It’s more of a technical demonstration and missing a few things (like sound), but fully playable on Android devices that support Vulkan.

You can grab the binary from http://vulkan.gpuinfo.org/vkquake.php

Please note that the .apk does not contain any game files, so you need to get the .pak files from the shareware or registered version in order to play this. See the page above for details on this.

Also requires a gamepad to play.