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Month: August 2013

Setting and progress on “Trugbild” ?>

Setting and progress on “Trugbild”

Although my spare time is pretty limited these times, and motivating myself to code after work (where I code almost all day code) isn’t very easy progress on “Trugbild” is coming along very nice. I guess one of the best ideas was to limit the technical aspects of the game to some very basic OpenGL and gameplay stuff. This allows me to concentrate on the game itself, without having to think alot about complex programming problems.  As I mentioned in…

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First screenshots from “Trugbild” ?>

First screenshots from “Trugbild”

After getting the first prototype for my PGD Challenge entry up and running I quickly found a name, it’s called “Trugbild” (German for “delusion”). Once I got the visuals of the prototype the way I imagined the game to look in the first place, the name somehow directly came to my mind and I found it pretty fitting for such a “game”. First work-in-progress screenshots (click on the thumbnails) : Note that the game loks much more nightmarish in motion…

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Taking part in the 3rd PGD game challenge ?>

Taking part in the 3rd PGD game challenge

Once again, Will from Pascal Game Development has organized another game dev challenge. Though it’s more of a  game jam due to the lack of any prize and registration requirements the theme of it is pretty interesting. It’s called “at your command” and requires indirect control of some main protagonist (or multiple ones). While reading through the theme of that competiton, creativity struck and I decided to participate with a rather abstract “game”. I can’t tell if I’ll get it…

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