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Month: November 2012

Using Generics in Delphi ?>

Using Generics in Delphi

When it comes to “new” language features in Delphi (which usually have been in Free Pascal for years) I’m always willing to give them a shot. I’m using the loop a lot, and also tend to shorten my code with things like ifthen (the poor mans ? operator, but sadly without any compiler magic). And I also use the with statment a lot, though it doesn’t have the best reputation amongst Delphi coders due to it’s scope problems. One…

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Updating the AI ?>

Updating the AI

Now that the beta is out in the wild (and up until now I haven’t heard any big complaints) it’s time to finally bring the AI in line with all the changes in “Phase 2”. In the last beta, roughly 90% of the AI code was the same as in “Phase 1” and so the current AI isn’t much of a challenge. So I just started rewriting most of the AI code for the next beta, and one of the…

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