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Month: August 2012

Battlefield terrains (and some technical stuff) ?>

Battlefield terrains (and some technical stuff)

As you might have noticed from pretty much all battlefield-related screenshots I’ve posted over the last months (or even years), the battlefield was always surrounded by water (and earlier on by some kind of bowl), and I was never really happy with it. Especially when fighting in a desert scenario, surrounding it with water looked pretty odd, and adding a sandshader didn’t make things any better. But just having the battlefield floating in the air didn’t look good either, so…

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Delphi / Pascal header for OpenGL 4.3 ?>

Delphi / Pascal header for OpenGL 4.3

Just a quick heads-up to let you know that I’ve updated our “official” OpenGL-Headers for Delphi / Free Pascal to the recently release version of OpenGL 4.3. So if you’re developing cutting-edge 3D stuff with Delphi or Free Pascal you can now use the latest features available, as long as you’ve got the hardware and your vendor released new drivers (I can’t wait for the first OpenGL 4.3 report to be uploaded to the glCapsViewer database Update : Thanks to…

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“Phase 2” – Jungle warfare ?>

“Phase 2” – Jungle warfare

Some live footage from the battleground : Somehow I could hardly resist not to call this post “Welcome to the jungle”, cause that’s exactly what I thought when playing around on the game’s manual battlefield in the “jungle”-setting. I did a lot of postings about the new manual battles for “Phase 2”, and in several of those I mentioned that there is a lot of content that needs to be created for the different settings of the battlefield. In “Phase…

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