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Month: May 2012

Dungeon Crawler Demo with Source released ?>

Dungeon Crawler Demo with Source released

Some of you might remember my article on random dungeon generation that I released back in 2010. I recently took a look at the demo and sat down to finish it up and release it to the public along with the complete source code. The demo comes with full source code, including the source for random dungeon generation (with practically no limit for the dungeon size) and implements a simple OpenGL renderer with per-pixel-lighting. It also uses the Newton Game…

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Projekt “W” – “Phase 2” – New Screenshots ?>

Projekt “W” – “Phase 2” – New Screenshots

As usual, time flies by and my last update has been roughly a month ago, but no, I haven’t been lazy, and so here are a few new screenshots from the current development version of “Phase 2” (thumbs, click for larger view) : As you can see, the game is looking more and more finished with each new batch of screenshots. One thing you might notice is that I switched over to a different font compared to the older screenshots…

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