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Month: February 2012

glCapsViewer new database features ?>

glCapsViewer new database features

In addition to a new logo for glCapsViewer, I also worked on the database itself. Aside from fixing a problem with extension counts on the statistics page, making visual and practical changes to e.g. the report pages, I also added some features to the PHP-backed database : Supporting percentage for extensions on the statistics page A new column showing the percentage of reports supporting the given extension was added. So you can now quickly look up how common an extension…

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Newton 2.35 (beta) headers uploaded ?>

Newton 2.35 (beta) headers uploaded

I’ve just got note that version 2.35 of the Newton Game Dynamics engine has been released, which is mainly a bugfix release as Julio is already working on a 3.00 release with lots of new features. And though I hardly get any time to do some coding I just took the time and updated the headers to the latest 2.35 (beta) release. As usual, you can grab them here.