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Month: June 2011

The eternal circle of GUI design (and some new screenshots) ?>

The eternal circle of GUI design (and some new screenshots)

Odd title, but it perfectly describes my “workflow” when it comes down to the GUI of “Phase 2”. But since the user interface is such a crucial part for a complex strategy game I don’t feel bad when putting hours and hours (and days) into optimizing the interface of a single “window”, especially seing as how horribly one of my old drafts looked. And yes, I really like the current UI. It has a nice flow, looks pretty sleek and…

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Game design : Game modes ?>

Game design : Game modes

Something that has been lacking in “Phase 1” was replayabilty or better said the motivation to replay the game. This was mainly due to the fact that there was only on single game mode (now called “default”) to choose from in both singleplayer and hotseat games. So basically each game played the same except for maybe the player playind it different or the random factors that change some of the AI’s behaviour. So for “Phase 2” I started implementing new…

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