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Month: April 2011

“Phase 2” – Eyecandy ?>

“Phase 2” – Eyecandy

Don’t worry, I’ve been doing some gameplay related stuff too (including a revamp of global project functionality, coastal building spots for regions), but somehow I had the urge to spice up the game’s main view a bit and decided to implement a nice atmosphere for the globe. Something I wanted to do for a long time but somehow never got around. Another thing you can see in the video below is the new water shaders. Actually I never liked the…

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Three new newton demos with source ?>

Three new newton demos with source

While answering some questions concerning physics implementation to the man behind Tower22 (a survival-horror game under development with Delphi) I created a few new newton demos demonstrating several different things you might need in a game, demo 07 shows how to implement simple explosions (though for a real game you’d need to add some stuff like raycasting etc.), demo 08 shows how to use the contact process callback to play sounds depending on the impact of a collision (can be…

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Newton 2.33 (beta) headers uploaded ?>

Newton 2.33 (beta) headers uploaded

I just updated the Delphi/Freepascal headers for the Newton Game Dynamics engine to the latest release, 2.33 (beta). Grab them here. The latest release of the compiled SDK for newton can be downloaded here. The latest version of NGD added a new interesting feature, destruction. Julio (the man behind NGD) has uploaded a video of this new feature over here. As usual I don’t have that much time for coding, but I plan to upload a destruction demo (with soource)…

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