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Month: March 2011

Japan ?>


Right now my thoughts are with the people of japan, a proud nation that has been hit very hard by earthquakes and tsunamis and also is doing everything possible to prevent a second (or even worse) Chernobyl over at Fukushima I. Ususally I’m not affected by disasters and human suffering (though it may sound harsh, but both are part of life) but with what happened (and what’s still happening) in Japan it’s totally different. It’s hard to see these people…

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Game design : Regional construction queue ?>

Game design : Regional construction queue

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time now and I was pretty unsure wether it would be a good idea or not, as it would change a fundamental part of the gameplay, what I’m talking about is constructing buildings in your regions, a very important part of the gameplay that you spend a lot of your time with. Up until now you’ve been able to construct only one building at the same time in each region,…

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Newton SDL developer demos updated (to SDK 2.32) ?>

Newton SDL developer demos updated (to SDK 2.32)

Just a quick note that I finally got around updating the SDL developer demos for the Newton Game Dynamics Engine to the latest 2.32 release of the SDK. Also note that I also uploaded the character controller demo for NGD 2.32 (I haven’t updated this one to 2.x up until now), and also note that it’s “just” an update of the version for 1.53 and that it does NOT use the integrated character controller of the Newton Game Dynamics SDK….

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