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Month: December 2009

Newton header updated (again) ?>

Newton header updated (again)

After updating some of my projects to the recent beta of Newton I decided to revert back to the original header format, using only one file (NewtonImport.pas) instead of the three from the last update (which was a result of Stucuk updating the headers and splitting them in order to easily use them with his own wrapper). So I uploaded a new package for the headers, now only containing one header (NewtonImport.pas) as known from the older releases and one…

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Newton 2.15 (beta) headers uploaded ?>

Newton 2.15 (beta) headers uploaded

From my lack of recent updates it should be pretty clear that I don’t have much time (or better : pretty much no time at all) for my programming stuff, so over the past few months I also had no time to release updated headers for the beta releases of the Newton Game Dynamics Engine. As of now there have been many beta releases and the current one is 2.15. In my abscence Stucuk was the one that took care…

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