July 2009

New screenshot gallery : WipeOut HD fury (PlayStation 3)

Right now I’m taking a break from coding and when I get the time I prefer to spend it in front of my shiny PlayStation 3. One of the first games I got for it (I even got me a credit card to be able to buy it on the PSN) was WipeOut HD, a futuristic hover racer. It’s looking gorgeous and I’ve been having a blast playing it. Recently the addon called “Fury” was released, and for just 10€ you get a lot of new content (8 new tracks, 13 new ships, a new campaing, new game modes, new music, and more) and I decided to take some shots with the ingame photo-functionality. You can see them here.

And if someone is interested, below is my PSN-ID. Maybe you’ve seen me online, right now I’m playing Killzone 2, WipeOut HD and Demon’s Souls online and some other games that are mainly offline.

Pascal Gamer Magazine Issue #1

Jason McMillen (aka “Will”) from Pascal Game Developement has put a lot of effort into getting together the first issue of the “Pascal Gamer Magazine”, an online published free magazine showcasing the state of the pascal game development scene (which actually includes me as I’m using Delphi for development). The first issue is filled with a lot of interesting stuff, and when Jason approached me for an interview and a feature about “Projekt W” I couldn’t resist. So you’ll also find an extensive interview with me (about “Projekt W”, my development in general, physics, etc.), features about “Projekt W” and a lot of interesting articles written by other talented coders out there, including reviews of several games made with pascal.

You can grab your free copy over at the offical page of the Pascal Gamer Magazine (PDF, ~25 MBytes).