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Month: June 2009

Prototyping nukes (including HD video) – Updated ?>

Prototyping nukes (including HD video) – Updated

Update : Some people complained that the explosion didn’t look realistic, and after watching videos of real nukes I guessed they we’re right. So I revamped the explosion to make it look more realistic in itself, as well as adding several effects like a screen blind and shaking. So enjoy the new video below, it’s much better than the old one! After releasing my explosion texture generator, I guess it’s now time to show you what I’ve been using it’s…

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New tool : Explosion Texture Generator ?>

New tool : Explosion Texture Generator

While working on the global project feature of “Phase 2” for Projekt W, which will include weapons of mass destruction, and therefore some explosions, I needed a nice looking explosion texture with a working alpha channel. Sadly all the freeware explosion generators I tried did not offer a way to export the animation into a format with an alpha channel and moreover weren’t very flexible at all (especiall in terms of texture resolution or grid size). Therefore I decided to…

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