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Month: March 2008

Newton tracked tank proof-of-concept demo released ?>

Newton tracked tank proof-of-concept demo released

Finally, here it is : The demo of my proof-of-concept for realizing tracked vehicles (tanks) using only Newton’s material callback system. Head over here to download it (~3,6 MBytes) and please refer to the readme.txt before playing around with it. Also note that it’s possible that not all gamepads will work, if that’s the case just use the keyboard controls.

New tracked tank video ?>

New tracked tank video

I have uploaded a new video (wmv-format, ~60 MBytes, ~5:40 mins) of the tracked tank vehicle implemented in newton. This video shows a more advanced, and almost finished version that allows you to control each track separate (using two analog sticks on my gamepad), as well as rotating the turret, which is implemented with a derived custom joint (and controlled using two neck buttons on the pad). It also allows for realistic turning when the tank is moving, something that…

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Tracked tank with Newton ?>

Tracked tank with Newton

Back in 2006 I tried to simulate a tracked tank in Newton using a very uncommon method. Instead of moving the tank around with forces I tried to implement an “inverted” conveyor belt material for the tracks, to achieve a more realistic movement. Sadly it didn’t work out 100% perfect back then, but recently I revisited my demo and I now got something that almost perfectly moves like a tank. A short summary : Instead of applying a force that…

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