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Month: February 2008

Some Newton beta-goodness (updated) ?>

Some Newton beta-goodness (updated)

There have been some internal beta-releases of the Newton Game Dynamics Engine over the last few weeks (right now it’s beta 7) and I did implement the last beta into my NewtonPlayGround (no release date yet, but soon after NGD 2.00 goes live), to see how it fares. And I must admit that it has come a long way and that most of the commercial physics solutions out there should fear it’s final release. Newton has a very realstic solver,…

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Impressions from the battlefield ?>

Impressions from the battlefield

Amongst other stuff, I’ve benn mostly working on the different battlefield settings for the turn-based battles that’ll come with “Phase 2”. As of now I plan to have eight different settings (ranging from desert, to snowy, to lush and so on), and each setting also having different maps. This should bring in enough variety into the turn-base battles to make them fun to play. Here are some in-game impressions from the settings I started working on (note that they’re all…

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